Google Video Customer Scout
Google Video Customer Scout

Today’s car dealerships are actively taking advantage of the Internet to reach their local target audience and to draw traffic to their website. Because many automotive leads are now generated through the Internet, taking full advantage of every online marketing opportunity available is essential to your success. One of the newer vehicles available to auto dealers like you is Google My Business videos. Google My Business is a free service that combines the benefits of Google+, Google Maps and Google Search together in one, and it is an effective way for local businesses to get noticed through desktop and mobile devices alike. Most recently, Google has enabled businesses to add videos to this content. Customer Scout SEO services are available to help you maximize the benefits of this Google marketing option and all of your other online marketing efforts.

Understanding the Incredible Benefits of Google My Business l Video

When your target audience in the local area searches for the products or services that you offer, you understandably want them to see a link to your business. Google My Business gives your business a detailed listing that includes your business address, hours of operation, a link to your website and more. You are able to edit and customize this information as desired. The addition of posting capabilities has further enhanced the benefits of Google My Business listings. These posts can be up to 300 words in length, and the content ideally will be search engine optimized. The posts can also include images that you select. Most recently, Google has enabled the ability to further enhance the posts with videos. Of course, this video needs to be high quality otherwise it’s just going to put consumers off the business. People would rather watch narrated HD video that’s been licensed from a site like than shaky phone footage that’s poorly lit. If you nail the video, Google My Business is a cost-effective and easy way to reach local consumers, and the addition of posts with video content takes the benefits to the next level.

Exploring the Essential Benefits Offered by GMB Videos

When you think about how the typical user conducts online searches, you will see that text content is important. However, images instantly grab a user’s attention. Users may immediately decide whether or not to spend their valuable time reading the text based on how appealing the image is. GMB videos take this to the next level. They combine the visual appeal of photos with audio, such as music and oral communication. Users may view this being more convenient than reading text, and they may be more likely to click the link to watch the video. In addition, they may be able to absorb more of your message by watching it rather than by quickly skimming over the text that has been written in the post.

Taking Advantage of Customer Scout’s Effective Services

As beneficial as Google My Business videos can be for auto dealers, the benefits are not being maximized in many cases. For example, when your listing and website receive more traffic, Google perceives your business to be more relevant to its users. Your website’s ranking will organically improve. One of the reasons why Google My Business videos are not being effectively used by auto dealers is that businesses perceive them as being difficult and time-consuming to make. Some businesses believe that it may take more time and money to produce a quality video than the benefits of the video are worth. You can learn how to screen record on your phone by visiting sites like, and create a video that could be posted on your GMB listing along with some engaging text. Remember that updating the text, images, and videos periodically is essential for generating excellent results.

If your car dealership is not producing the marketing results that are desired or if you are eager to take those results to the next level, now is a great time to learn more about what Customer Scout SEO can do for you. Through our services, customized content can be created for the posts that is engaging for your customers and that encourages them to visit your website. This content will be search engine optimized with strategically selected keywords. Analytics will be monitored for future improvements to the results. These posts will then be enhanced with eye-catching images and informative, interesting video content.

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