Benefits of Schema Markup and Structured Data

Is your auto dealership’s website maximizing the benefits of schema markup? This is a unique labeling system that enables the top search engines to more accurately determine what information is on your website and how it could be useful to search engine users. Given the importance of this type of structured data framework for search engine results, this should a focal point of your  Automotive SEO marketing strategy.

What are the exact benefits that it provides? 

1. High-Quality Traffic l  Schema Markup

Websites that utilized this in their strategy received 35 percent more impressions and a 20 percent higher click-through rate. More than that, the average user spent 150 percent more time on the website. 

2. Enhanced Findability l Car Dealer Websites

Your website will not be effective if your target audience cannot find it. Because schema markup communicates your website’s content directly to search engines, the search engines can present users with more relevant information. 

3. Getting Noticed l via  Structured Data

Rich results combine the URL, title and meta description with snippets, visuals and other content. Through this  SEO strategy, your listing will take up more space on search engine results pages. The listing may be more eye-catching and more relevant. 

4. A Managed Customer Experience

Why would you let the search engines dictate what your potential customers first discover about your website or business? Through the use of structured data, you control what is displayed in search results. This means that you control your brand image from the first moment. 

5. Manage the Knowledge Panel

The Google Knowledge Panel is shown on some search results pages. It could include everything from a business’s stock price to the owner’s birth date. With the use of rich content in a structured framework, you can influence what information is listed in the Knowledge Panel.

6. Optimized for All Platforms

Search engines utilize voice and text searches today. They also deliver results inside vehicles, on billboards, on wristwatches and more. When your online content is properly optimized, it is effective for all types of searches across all types of platforms. 

7. Increased Visibility for Videos 

Videos are increasingly relevant in modern marketing campaigns, but visibility is often challenging. When the videos are displayed in the search engine results, however, the effectiveness of videos is optimized. 

8. Attract Attention

Are you trying to raise awareness about a special event at your auto dealership? Do you want your target audience to read your blog or a special article about your latest models? Through schema markup, you can display event data, pictures, videos and more. You can also attract more attention to your blog. This makes your blog more effective, and its increased popularity may improve your chance of getting increased visibility. 

9. Other Exciting Benefits

Your dealership’s online presence impacts everything from your hiring process to lead generation, customer service and even marketing analytics. Your website is how future employees find and research your dealership. It is how your customers research models and connect with you. Given the importance of structured data on many levels, this is not an aspect of SEO strategy that you should overlook. 

Is your  SEO strategy is as effective as it could be?

At Customer Scout, we are search engine optimization experts, and we specialize in the auto industry. To learn more about how we can help your website be more effective for your dealership, 
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