Instagram's new IGTV can benefit Car Dealers

Instagram’s new IGTV can benefit Car Dealers

Instagram's new IGTV can benefit Car Dealers

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a short video segment on Instagram can seemingly tell a full story in a brief period of time. This image-based social media platform introduced short video capabilities to its platform approximately five years ago. While popular among private users, these very short videos posed a challenge for commercial users. Car dealers, for example, may have found it difficult to tout the many features and benefits of their models in a segment that lasted less than a minute. However, the social media platform has officially unveiled a new feature that is designed to provide commercial users with advanced benefits, and this feature is known as IGTV.

What Is Instagram IGTV?

Through this new feature, a user can view 60 minute videos from the individuals or companies that the user follows. Unlike with other popular video-based viewing platforms currently online, these videos begin playing immediately with no additional interaction required by the user. In fact, users do not even need to search for the content. The videos take up the full screen in vertical format for enhanced viewing. Because this social media platform is known for its do-it-yourself approach to videos and for the creativity of its users to capture images and videos, there is not necessarily a need to create polished, commercialized videos to get your point across.

How Can Car Dealers Benefit From Instagram Videos?

Now that you understand what IGTV is, you may be wondering how you can maximize its functionality in an advantageous way. You car dealership’s marketing efforts with this platform may have previously been limited because of the briefness of the videos in the past. Now, however, you can use these videos to capture testimonials from your satisfied customers. If you know how to buy Instagram followers and likes, you can help these testimonials reach other Instagram users who could become customers. Another idea is to use the 60 minute videos to demonstrate special new features in different models or to explore differences in trim levels. Through these longer videos, you will not be constrained by a tight time limit. Because these videos do not necessarily need to be commercial-grade or at least to look commercial-grade, you may be able to save money on production costs in comparison to other video-based platforms.

Why Does Your Car Dealership Need to Take Action on Instagram IGTV?

The automotive sales industry is highly competitive. Online marketing, including social media marketing, is increasingly important for car dealers that want to stay at the forefront of their customers’ minds. Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms, and it now uniquely gives your dealership a fast and easy way to reach your audience using customized videos. Your competitors are constantly updating their marketing plan to gain an edge over you. In order to remain competitive, you must take action when a great opportunity presents itself.

To learn more about how Instagrams marketing platform can benefit your dealership, contact us today.

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