What is coming to Automotive SEO in 2021

Automotive SEO in 2021  Does your auto dealership rely heavily on online leads from search engines? Your dealership’s ability to stay at or close to the top of search engine results pages is vital to your bottom line. Google is the leading search engine by far, so any changes to its algorithms can impact your […]

Schema Rich Results for Automotive Websites

In an increasingly competitive business environment, you understandably need to optimize every opportunity available to attract quality traffic to your website. One of the under-utilized SEO strategies that can produce powerful results for your auto dealership is FAQ rich results.  Understanding Schema Markup Language l Automotive Websites While your website understandably is designed to be […]

Optimizing Automotive Websites for Voice Search

Optimizing for Voice Search  Are you taking full advantage of all of the marketing tools available to your auto dealership today? Increasingly, internet users are taking advantage of voice technologies to conduct queries, and they are forgoing the use of their keyboards as a result. While many strategies for optimizing websites are based around text-based […]