Google’s Page Experience Update Arrives in 2021

Google’s Page Experience Update Google announced changes to how their search algorithm evaluates and ranks webpages. This new approach—which is called the Google Page Experience and is based on Core Web Values—will analyze how users interact with your pages. The goal with the new approach is to assess user perception of the Web experience. Valuable […]

What is coming to Automotive SEO in 2021

Automotive SEO in 2021  Does your auto dealership rely heavily on online leads from search engines? Your dealership’s ability to stay at or close to the top of search engine results pages is vital to your bottom line. Google is the leading search engine by far, so any changes to its algorithms can impact your […]

Google’s shift to mobile-first indexing in 2021

Google and mobile-first indexing As mobile searches have become increasingly prevalent, popular search engines have progressively adjusted their algorithms to take this activity into account. Google previously announced that it was moving to mobile-first indexing across the board in September 2020. However, the global pandemic has caused tremendous upheaval for many businesses. As a result, […]