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Customer Scout SEO generates stellar results for our customers consistently because we take a comprehensive approach to developing each customer’s marketing campaign.

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One Dealer. One Brand. One Market. Customer Scout provides exclusive SEO services for one dealership per brand in each market. See how it can benefit your dealership.

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We specialize in original unique content writing and marketing services. The content we create will be personalized specifically for your business.

About Customer Scout, Inc:

An Automotive SEO Company

At Customer Scout, we are an established and award winning automotive SEO company, and we offer the exclusive services that are needed to generate exceptional results. Because we work with only automotive companies like yours, we understand your need to stand out in your local community, and we also know the strategies that produce superior results on a consistent basis. You can feel confident that your digital marketing campaign is in great hands with our Automotive SEO experts working for you.

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Award Winning Automotive SEO Company – Customer Scout

Digital marketing techniques are rapidly changing and most companies are not on the cutting-edge of the latest developments. Customer Scout uses search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase customers, increase sales and destroy your local competition. Our experts aren’t interested in creating generic marketing campaigns that are only applicable on a global scale. Our internet digital team and specialists produce strong, striking and innovative campaigns that put your dealership on the local map. Car manufacturers already have the global market dominated and maintain a strong worldwide presence. Our team understands that local dealers must infiltrate local markets, which requires a completely different and highly tailored SEO strategy. Marketing specialists who work in the automotive SEO market might as well take their customers money and hurl it out the window while driving down the freeway. Local SEO requires smart targeting and precise filtering to get through the noise and reach customers who are hungry for a new vehicle but aren’t certain what dealership to choose.

Local SEO for Car Dealerships

Customer Scout INC uses local SEO to drive customers to your lot. Our Automotive SEO Team uses advanced techniques GEO Fencing techniques to target specific populations of customers who are within driving distance of your dealership. While it might prove satisfying to see your dealership outrank the manufacturer for the makes you sell, this is not the way to sell cars. It wastes money, doesn’t bring in customers and results in a website that eventually gets knocked down by the search engines. Local SEO targets real and viable customers who live in your community. These are the people you see in the grocery store or local big box store. Imagine customers who are looking for a new vehicle finding your website, locating your dealership and coming to you instead of spending thousands on outdated and expensive local television commercials? For many customers, the decision to purchase a new car begins and ends online. If your dealership doesn’t show up first in the search results, your dealership will lose sales.

GEO Fencing | Digital Marketing

Our team uses GEO fencing because it works. Other companies create generic marketing campaigns that are rolled out quickly and produce lackluster results. Customer Scout INC focuses on giving your dealership the edge by analyzing your local market, finding your customers and then creating highly targeted custom content that is designed to keep your dealership bursting with growth and sales. Automotive SEO techniques are much more complicated than simply putting up a website and writing a few blog posts. Our experts create content that is intended to promote sales through the use of blogs, articles and online press releases. Local SEO is never a one-size-fits-all adventure and each dealership needs its own dedicated team to continually and actively produce results. With marketing, there is no such thing as “set-it-and-forget-it.” Consistent effort and regular adjustments to the GEO targeting is required to continually bring in customers. Fencing technology can be used to trigger alerts when customers enter your area, which results in an increased awareness of your dealership and boosts sales in a profound way.

SEO for KIA Hyundai Chevrolet Hyundai KIA Chevrolet Ford Jeep Toyota Subaru Dealerships

Most dealerships have an option for sales representatives to follow leads that come in from the website, but few have any mechanisms in place to bring the customer to the website in the first place. For online sales to work, you must have people coming to your website. We provide the targeted and highly tailored traffic so all your staff needs to do is follow up with the customer. Email blasts and other outdated techniques only upset customers and cause them to look elsewhere for a vehicle. Enlist our services and your dealership will start increasing the potential client base by finding customers who are currently and actively looking for a dealership to purchase their vehicle from.

Exclusive Automotive SEO: 5 Star Customer Reviews

Partner with our company to receive 5-star representation for your dealership. Our team is an award-winning digital marketing team that uses cutting-edge technology to bring your dealership to the next level. Automotive SEO does work, but you need to choose the right digital marketing firm to represent you. If you’re not getting the results you want from your marketing specialists, it’s time upgrade to our cutting-edge service. With our company, you get exclusivity. Your marketing package will focus on what makes your dealership unique. We concentrate on your brand so that you can target customers who are specifically looking for a vehicle you sell. We use our enormous resources to give you a marketing service that is unparalleled. Our company has a vision and a purpose. We make it our business to put you in contact with customers who are looking to buy a new car.


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