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Award-Winning Automotive SEO

DrivingSales: All-Time Highest Rated SEO Vendor

All-Time SEO vendor: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

Recent Award: 2020 Highest-Rated SEO Vendor

Customer Scout is proud to have been awarded with the 2020 Highest Rated Automotive SEO vendor by DrivingSales – the authority on automotive vendor reviews.

automotive seo driving sales award

Customer Scout: Automotive SEO Experts

Our Car Dealer SEO company focuses 100% solely on the automotive industry. 
We specialize in SEO, search engine optimization marketing for automotive dealerships. We utilize our expertise to help your dealerships achieve its goals. Deciding to hire an online marketing company to assist with your dealership’s SEO campaign may be relatively easy to do. After all, it may be clear that you are not achieving desired, high-ranking results through your own efforts.

Exclusive DEALER SEO
One Dealer. One Brand. One Market.

Customer Scout exclusively offers its services to car dealers by sharing its innovative One Dealer, One Brand, One Market marketing proposal. Using this highly effective strategy, the company only partners with one dealership of a specific car brand in a particular geographical area. By partnering with a single brand dealer in one area, our SEO company ensures that it gets immediate results by empowering a particular business. The goal is getting a major market share by carefully allocating a marketing budget to each segment.

Customer Scout is honored to partner with dealerships across over the country. Proudly serving major make franchise dealers with exclusive SEO marketing in their local market and target markets. We thank all our customers and look forward to continued success. Serving Chevrolet, Ford, Kia, Hyundai, Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Subaru, Cadillac, Buick GMC, Honda, Nissan, Harley-Davidson and all major OEM dealerships.

Results Results Results. That’s what matters. And Customer Scout gets us the results we need. As long as we are in business, the team at Customer Scout will be an essential part of ours.”

5-Star Review

Dealer Professional

Customer Scout is one of the best SEO companies out there. We’ve been with them for a year. Our organic traffic has increased with the changes they have made to our site.

5-Star Review

Internet Sales

All they do is SEO and it makes a huge difference having a company that solely focuses on this. These guys have made incredible increases across the board. Even year over year they continue to increase . Highly recommend.”

5-Star Review

General Manager

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Car Dealerships Can Attract More Customers Online with SEO

Regardless of how effective your car dealership’s sales team is at converting leads to sales, the key to boosting sales lies in generating more leads. Through our effective SEO techniques and strategies, we have consistently elevated our clients’ rankings on top search engines. More than that, we have helped our clients to maintain a high-level position in the rankings. Your competitions’ marketing efforts will change. Search engine algorithms will change. Models, trims and other factors related to products and services are also updated from year to year.

Because of all of these factors, your search engine optimization efforts require regular attention from skilled experts who keep a pulse on the auto market and on search engine algorithms. Customer Scout can help you to attract more customers online, and we can maintain high-level results so that your dealership can continue to enjoy the benefits of more leads on a consistent basis.

Market In Your City and Target Area Cities / Dealerships

One of the challenges that today’s auto dealerships face lies in reaching out to local consumers. Your website is available for internet users across the country and beyond, but you understandably only want to boost search engine rankings for local users. Local SEO efforts are targeted specifically at your major metropolitan area. This includes the city as well as surrounding communities that you want to draw leads from. As SEO experts focusing on the automotive industry, we can help you to target all geographic areas that you want to focus on so that your sales team has access to quality leads that they can realistically convert to satisfied clients.

How (SEO) Search Optimization Works

Many dealership owners and managers have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. At a general level, you infuse online content with the keywords that you have decided to target. However, if you have stuffed your website with keywords as your sole SEO effort, you likely are sorely disappointed by the results. Today’s top search engines can sense when dealerships try to artificially manipulate search results through stuffing and other rudimentary tactics. Search engines want to deliver quality results to users, so they actively search for the most relevant and useful results for queries.

In order for your online content to be optimized, the right balance of keywords must be used evenly throughout the content. Excessive use can backfire and may result in penalization in search engine results. More than that, your SEO strategy must include the creation of useful, relevant content that offers true benefits for the users. Content must be updated regularly. The right SEO strategy includes onsite and offsite content, the use of meta tags and meta descriptions, linking techniques and more. There is much more to running an effective SEO campaign than meets the eye.