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Google August 2023 Core Update

Frequently, Google has rolled out updates to its algorithms to improve the search engine’s functionality and elevate the users’ experiences. After 16 days, the latest rollout of the Google August 2023 Core Update is complete. This Google Core Update impacts search rankings to varying degrees, including with both positive and negative effects for different pages. This rollout follows two review updates and another Google Core Update earlier in the year. Shortly after the recent rollout, the Search Central documentation was updated as well. This latest update supports the indexing of CSV files.

The Impact of the Google August 2023 Core Update

The August 2023 Core Update made key algorithmic improvements that change the way websites’ content is assessed. In some cases, websites have experienced less advantageous placement in search engine rankings for select or all pages. While this can be problematic for all affected websites, it can be devastating for businesses that rely on their websites to reach customers and generate leads. Google has stated that these websites that have been negatively impacted by the latest Google Core Update may not be flawed, but they may need to be updated. Website owners are encouraged to improve the quality of their content. An audit of individual pages within a website can reveal the negatively impacted pages as well as the search types that have had the greatest impact.

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