Automotive Marketing Content Writing

When you want your car dealership to stand out and get the recognition it deserves in your community, you need to create a unique and original marketing campaign. Unfortunately, however, the marketing content prepared by professionals about different car dealerships often sounds stale and repetitive. This can work against your dealership because it does not differentiate or brand your dealership. More than that, it is certainly not memorable to consumers. Even the search engines may ding your online text by giving your website lower rankings if the text is too similar to other content already online.  Customer Scout is an SEO marketing company that specializes in providing services for automotive dealerships like yours, and you can rest assured that all content we create will be personalized specifically for your business.

Understanding How Content Writing Works

When search engines analyze the information on your website to determine rankings, they look for keywords and phrases that you have targeted in your text. The text surrounding the keywords and phrases should be relevant and even important to the user, but it also should be very unique from anything else already posted online about the subject. You may be well-aware that many car dealerships use similar words and phrases in online text. After all, how many different ways are there to talk about new cars and low prices?

If you want to enjoy the highest possible rankings for your website, you must have original and creative wording on your website. Even  off-site marketing material, such as articles that direct visitors to your website, should be unique if you want to enjoy the best overall results from your online marketing efforts. Remember, using copied or unoriginal text can backfire and may cause your search engine rankings to plummet.

Value Content That Aligns With Your Brand

Many consumers believe that the car buying experience they will have at one dealership is similar to the experience they will have at any other dealership. One reason for this line of thinking may relate to stale and unoriginal marketing efforts. However, you and your team may go a step above and beyond in specific areas to improve the experience your own customers have. At Customer Scout, we take the time to learn more about your brand or image, and our creative team creates original text that is customized specifically for your business. This is text on your website as well as in off-site locations that drive traffic to your website. We want to give your potential customers an excellent representation about what they can expect when they choose to buy their next vehicle from you, and we go the extra mile to help your website get the search engine rankings you desire.

The text that is posted on your own website as well as in off-site locations is designed with SEO strategies in mind. Search engine optimization is critical if you want to enjoy great online rankings when your target audience searches for specific keywords and phrases. The text is also oriented around your brand to help you define and boost your image in your market.

Some car dealerships will create their own online text, and they will often look at other dealerships for inspiration. As you can see, this strategy can work against you in your efforts to get results from online marketing.  You must have original text on your website as well as in off-site locations. This wording must define your brand image and properly describe the services and experiences you provide to your customers. More than that, it must be optimized with SEO strategies in mind. As you might imagine, creating truly individualized and creative text that is properly crafted to accomplish all of these goals can be challenging.

Customer Scout, we specialize in online marketing services for dealerships. More than that, we only work with one dealership within a specific market to ensure that our services are as effective and beneficial for you as possible. If you are ready to learn more about how we can take your online marketing efforts to the next level, contact us to schedule a consultation with our team.