Google My Business Photo Best Practices for Automotive

Google My Business – Automotive Listings

With so many people now doing business on the internet, looking good is now more important than ever. If you’re in the automotive industry, you must recognize the importance of displaying high-quality photos. Research shows that good images can help win over customers. Contrary to popular belief, simply uploading high-quality photos won’t capture the attention of today’s consumers. In fact, overly professional photography can actually turn away people. Consumers prefer real photos as opposed to heavily edited images. If you want to take the success of your company to the next level, it’s time to take advantage of Google My Business features. Here’s a look at how this system works. 

Google My Business Photo Best Practices for Automotive
Google My Business Photo Best Practices for Automotive

Types of Photos to Upload l GMB

The first step is to decide which types of photos to upload. These images should give people a good insight into what your business represents. While high-resolution photos are a must, avoid uploading overly professional photos to your Google My Business Account. Customers could deem your company to be untrustworthy, especially if you’re in the automotive world. It looks as if you have something to find. The Photo Best Practices focus more on uploading realistic images that people can relate to. Never make the mistake of staging photos. For example, taking pictures of your team dressed casually is often better than having everyone wearing suits and ties. Uploading an unrealistic background is also a big no-no. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in high-end photography equipment. It’s more important to find the ideal lighting and props. Strive to provide an accurate depiction of your business. 

Google My Business - Automotive Listings

What Is the Best Image Size? GMB Tips for Automotive

Many people have trouble with selecting the best image size. If the photos are sized incorrectly, you’ve wasted time and money. However, this process isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Although you can always edit the size of your photos on a computer, this requires even more effort. Ideally, the length and height of your photos should be fairly equal. Google My Business experts also advise your photos to be 720 px tall by 720 px wide. Your business profile will then look far more consistent. Before you attempt to upload an image, be sure it’s saved in either PEG or PNG formats. Keep in mind that you should be very cautious about putting any text on your photos. There’s a good chance Google will reject them. Also, the Photo Best Practices involve never using stock photos you find on the web. 

Apps and Tools l Google My Business

Although you may not be the most tech-savvy person in the world, new apps help make even amateurs look like pros. PhotoSync is good for its ease of use. This app simplifies the tasks of uploading photos and videos on various sites. LocalPics is another great app. According to the experts at Customer Scout, this app makes it extremely easy to send pics from your smartphone to your business account. 

Before you upload a photo, always make sure you have permission from customers and other staff members. Don’t put yourself at risk of being sued. You should also take advantage of every opportunity to snap a great photo. For instance, taking a picture of a happy customer who recently purchased a vehicle can help attract even more customers. Also, don’t hesitate to take photos of various automotive events. 

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How FCA dealers can increase traffic with SEO

How FCA dealers can increase traffic with SEO

SEO for FCA dealerships

If your FCA dealership is not actively taking strides to increase the volume of targeted traffic to your website, there is a solid chance that you are missing out on incredible opportunities to drive sales and increase revenue. Today’s FCA dealerships face increasingly competitive market conditions. At the same time, consumers have shifted their car buying strategy. They now utilize various online research methods to narrow down the scope of their search and even to finalize their decision about which vehicle to buy. This often happens well before they reach out to a dealership’s sales team. Are you wondering what it takes to increase targeted traffic to your website? The answer lies in Customer Scout SEO services. 

Geo-Targeted SEO Strategies l FCA

While some car shoppers are willing to drive several hundred miles to find the perfect vehicle, most of your customers likely live within a much smaller radius around your dealership. FCA website SEO is most effective when it is geo-specific. Geo-targeted SEO strategies begin when you incorporate localized SEO terms into your website and all other online content, but it extends far beyond that. Search engines are increasingly savvy, so geo-fencing also must play a part in your campaign. Geo-fencing takes into account the GPS location of a device when responding to search queries. When someone searches for information about a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram model in your vicinity, geo-targeted strategies can effectively place your content at the top of those search results to improve your online visibility. 

Importance of Social Media, Citations & Listings for FCA dealers

As important as localized strategies are for FCA website SEO campaigns, a more comprehensive approach is required for the best results. Today’s auto shoppers utilize social media to keep in touch with their preferred dealership, to learn about the latest models and more. Social media marketing also gives you a chance to link back to your FCA website for improved search engine rankings. Likewise, citations and listings can be optimized with well-chosen SEO terms. These can elevate search engine rankings while also educating your customers about your new inventory, announcing promotions and more. 

How Customer Scout SEO Services Work for FCA dealers

FCA dealerships today need to take full advantage of every opportunity available to connect with customers online. Online marketing opportunities continue to evolve rapidly, and you need to stay on top of these changes in order to maximize your reach and drive targeted traffic to your website in large volumes. Customer Scout SEO services provide you with an easy way to navigate through this ever-changing landscape. Our SEO experts actively monitor search engine updates and other industry changes that could impact your online marketing campaign. We also analyze the results of our campaigns regularly. Through both of these approaches, our efforts can evolve to ensure consistently excellent results. 

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Why SEO vs PPC for Car Dealers

Why SEO vs PPC for Car Dealers

Designing and managing an effective online marketing campaign for your car dealership is easier said than done. You understandably are working with a tight budget, so finding the most effective way to maximize every dollar is critical. Two of the more common methods used to drive customers to a car dealership’s website are through search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. While pay-per-click advertising may seem like a more direct way to generate desired results, there are many reasons why the use of SEO marketing techniques is a smarter idea. 

Affordability – SEO vs PPC

With a pay-per-click campaign, your website will generally receive top placement on a search engine results page, and the placement is usually marked as “Ad.” Each time someone clicks on the link, you will be charged a specific fee. This fee varies dramatically based on the keywords that you are targeting, but the cost of a pay-per-click marketing campaign can easily get out of hand. On the other hand, SEO marketing drives traffic to your website organically. This means that the only costs that you will incur are related to the creation and placement of SEO-rich content regardless of how many times your links are clicked on. 

Why SEO vs PPC for Car Dealers

Consistent Visibility – SEO beats Paid Search

You can control the price of your dealership’s pay-per-click marketing campaign by setting a max limit. Once your account’s limit has been reached, your ad will simply not appear at the top of the search results. This means that your dealership’s website is no longer highly visible in search results. In fact, it may not even be visible on the first page or two of results in some cases. With organic SEO marketing, your website’s visibility remains regardless of how many clicks it receives. Given the fact that search engines now take into account relevance to determine rankings, more organic clicks may actually boost your rankings. 

Additional Organic Clicks – Value of SEO for Car Dealers

When you are planning ahead for a PPC campaign, it is easy to assume that each click that you pay for would be from a unique customer. In reality, the same users may click on your paid ads many times before they finally decide to contact your sales team or to visit your dealership. In some cases, a dealership may pay between $5 to $12 per additional click. On the other hand, clicks that are generated through organic SEO marketing are at no additional charge. Regardless of how many times the same user clicks on your dealership’s link, there is no cost to your dealership. 

Hidden Costs of Competitors’ Clicks

Your customers are not the only internet users who may click on your website. Your competitors and various third-party vendors may also click on the link to your dealership. When this link is from a PPC campaign, your dealership will pay money regardless of whether a legitimate customer or a competitor is visiting your website. Because SEO marketing is organic, your dealership will not lose money each time other businesses check out your website.

If your dealership is relying on PPC marketing to generate online leads, there is a strong likelihood that your marketing efforts are not as cost-effective and as productive as they could be. Customer Scout specializes in SEO marketing and other online marketing services for auto dealerships. To inquire about our services, contact us today.