Last May (2020), Google unvieled their new key indicators that will be used to rank user experience on websites. These new primary key indicators will launch on May 2021 and, in conjuction with other indicators, will make up a new ranking system for stable and safe user experiences on the internet.

Core Web Vitals is the new user experience metric from Google. Made up of three key metrics, it’s the new criteria webmasters and SEO progessionals will have to keep in mind in the future. These three new metrics are: loading, interactivity, and visual stability.

The three metrics’ technical names are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (loading)
  • First Input Delay (interactivity)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (visual stability)

The key KPIs (key performance indicators) have been adjusted to the latest technological changes and changes in user behavior. Because of this, Core Web Vitals will be evaluated every year. By cutting down on how many metrics which need to be focused on, Google can analyze websites on the basis of clearly communicated metrics. This allows US to do a better job for YOU.

The Breakdown:


They’ve condensed many things into this metric but, essentially, it’s how quickly a page loads. Anything over 4 seconds is poor and anything over 2.5 seconds needs improvement. We know exactly how to decrease your page load times and optimize your content.


This is measured from the time when a user interacts with a site up until the point the browser is able to respond to that action. It’s essentially the lag time between users clicking and getting to the content you need. We prioritize interactivity with our SEO techniques.

Visual Stability

Sometimes when a page loads it can cause elements on the page to shift down, such as when an element is loading above. If this happens it can cause undesirable user interactions. Customer Scout knows how to avoid these kinds of issues and you won’t find these kinds of issues on our custom landing pages.


Google is doing everything it can to organize content and serve it’s users effectively. Isn’t time you used an SEO company that matches that? The all-new ranking factor now is Page Experience! Let our teams of professionals get your dealership’s organic traffic online and get your customers through your door.

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