Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook and Automotive Social Media NEWS

Facebook has recently had a significant update in the way in which they permit users to vote on whether or not they like a business. Consequently, the social network is presently releasing a new feature for the local business pages that are located on their site. Moreover, you should be aware that this new system happens to be a Yes/No mechanism for the social network’s recommendations. So if you are a freelancer who is working from home (you can read more about this over on websites like techshali.com) then you are going to need to be aware of how this may affect you and how you operate on a platform such as this.

Hence, you ought to be cognizant that this new voting system is thought to be an eventual replacement for the previous star rating mechanism. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that there are also other updates that are supposed to be coming to the social networking platform. Therefore, you ought to consider that a new feature that is coming to the social networking platform is a function that is referred to by the moniker: “Rich Endorsements.”

Hence, you should be aware that this new “Rich Endorsements” feature will enable users to add photos and text to their endorsements. Additionally, at the present moment in time, this functionality is only working for coffee shops and restaurants. On the other hand, this new feature will also change the way that users leave endorsements for businesses.
Furthermore, you ought to be cognizant that this endorsement process will help users by suggesting tags that a user should choose when they leave an endorsement for a company. Moreover, you should keep in mind that this functionality is going to be very similar to the features that are presently offered by Google. Hence, you ought to consider the fact that Google, with its My Business attributes, is currently offering a group of different features that are very similar to what Facebook is presently rolling out.

NEW from Facebook – Reviews to Recommendations

Additionally, the effects of these changes also demonstrate the significant importance of the optimization of the business pages that are listed on the social network. As an illustration: You ought to be sure that your business page is correctly set up because it will help you to attract more prospects for your business. On the other hand, if you do not make sure that your business pages are designed to take advantage of the new functions that are coming out on the social network, then this lack of action may end up penalizing your ranking on the social network.

Indeed, if the redesign of your business page is not adequately carried out judiciously and with a healthy respect of the correct optimization strategies, your business may lose any gains that were won previously by taking advantage of the manner in which the user voting process used to work. Furthermore, if the social network’s system entirely moves from having the five-star rating system to a yes or no rating system, then this will cause many different changes to the rating system. Remember, if users are forced to say yes or no, when they used to be able to have five different star ratings to choose from, then it is more likely that negative reviews will have a stronger influence on the ranking of a business on the social network’s pages.

Therefore, you should be aware that companies will have to work extra hard to make sure that all of their reviews are positive. Users who may have given a company a three-star review previously may now end up giving a company a “No” rating. Hence, you ought to be cognizant that is far more important than ever before that you have a suitably qualified business like Customer Scout to help you to manage your social media presence.

Remember, Customer Scout has the training and the expert staff that you need to be able to mitigate any damage to your business rating on Facebook. Furthermore, users will have to ability to rate a different user’s review if they do not feel that the report is not impartial. Moreover, this functionality has been implemented because it will help the reviews to be more reliable.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the rating of business will be more vital than ever before as a result of all these different changes that are taking place with regards to the business rating system. Additionally, reputation management companies across the planet will be forced to deal with these new additions to the recommendations on the social network.

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