Local Review Sites for Car Dealerships

Local Review Sites for Car Dealerships

Local Review Sites for Car Dealerships

Local Review Sites for Car Dealerships

Today’s consumers are savvy and maximize the use of technology to their benefit. In fact, as many as 93 percent of today’s consumers regularly check online reviews before they make a buying decision. For car dealerships like yours, consumers may initially read reviews about various makes and models. Once they decide on a model that they are interested in, they may then read reviews about local dealerships selling that model. You can see that maximizing the benefit of online reviews is essential for driving traffic to your dealership’s website and drawing customers to your location to seek live assistance. Local review sites are the primary source that consumers use to read online reviews, but you may be wondering how you can use these sites advantageously in your marketing campaign and which of these review sites are worth your attention. At Customer Scout, we specialize in automotive marketing, and we can help you to maximize the benefits that these sites provide to your dealership.

The Leading Review Sites l Local Car Dealership Info

Before you determine how to maximize the benefits of local reviews, it is important to understand how top sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google and others stack up. Keep in mind that some sites, such as TripAdvisor, are also popular, but they are not relevant to the auto industry. In recent years, the top sites for online reviews were Google, Facebook and Yelp, from highest to lowest. This is based on how much growth the site has had in the review segment. For example, between 2015 and 2016, Google increased its number of reviews by 278 percent. Be aware, however, that Facebook is changing its review system. It has recently announced that its previous review feature is now being changed to recommendations, and our online marketing team can help you to determine how to maximize the benefits offered by this change.

How Review Sites Impact Your Auto Dealership l Business Listings

Because of how important your company’s online presence is, you understandably take considerable strides to ensure that your dealership’s website is ranked highly for relevant online searches. However, negative reviews on local review sites can actually deter customers from considering your dealership as an option. To effectively benefit from these reviews, you must keep tabs on what the general consensus is, and you can learn how to improve based on that information. More than that, the scope of your marketing message can shift so that you tackle any negativity head-on. Some of these sites that post business reviews enable the business to reply to negative or positive feedback, essentially turning these sites in a two-way communication method with customers.

How Customer Scout Can Help l Dealer Business Listings

When your local customers search for your products and services or when they search specifically for your dealership, you understandably want them to find positive information that encourages them to contact your dealership directly or to stop by. Our online marketing team focuses solely on auto dealerships, so we know how to maximize the benefits of online marketing advantageously for you. We also understand that car dealerships may be sensitive to negative comments, and we can strategically build a positive brand image through our multi-pronged marketing approach. While the best way to ensure that local review sites post positive comments about your dealership is to provide each customer with stellar service, the reality is that it is not generally feasible to make every customer happy all of the time. Your dealership likely will have at least a few negative reviews, and we are ready to help you improve your online presence through our excellent online marketing services.

The automotive industry is very competitive, and you understandably need to take every step possible to draw customers to your website and to your dealership. Customer Scout has been serving car dealerships like yours for years, and we stay up-to-date about changes to social media marketing, search engine marketing, online reviews and all other aspects of online marketing that may affect our valued customers. Our focus is on being ahead of the game rather than on trying to play catch-up to the competitors. If you are ready to start maximizing the benefits of online reviews and to boost your overall online marketing efforts, contact Customer Scout today.

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