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The Competitive Edge to Automotive Website SEO

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Selling cars is never an easy task, especially if you have to compete with countless other dealerships located on the same block as you. Whether you sell new cars, used cars or both, the competition is fierce, and you need a quality marketing plan to stand out. Car dealer website SEO should be an integral part of driving more customers to your dealership.

Since most car dealers have moved online and tend to deal with customers using chat software, it has become even more important for them to increase their website ranking on Google in order to attract more customers.

How Customer Scout SEO can Help your Car Dealership Thrive

A website is essential for any business. Now more than ever, car dealerships must rely on websites to attract customers. Car buyers are more savvy about pricing, and normally do their shopping and price comparison online before ever stepping foot into a dealership.

This major change in consumer car buying habits is the very reason why website SEO is so important for car dealers.

  • Automotive SEO will help drive qualified leads to your website from various sources, including search engines.
  • Your dealership will maximize revenue by dealing with mainly vetted people who are actually looking to purchase a vehicle.
  • Your dealership will be more visible on a local level when prospective buyers search with major relevant keywords.

Automotive Website SEO is also a significantly more affordable marketing option than traditional print, radio and television advertising.

Improving Conversion Rates using Automotive Dealer Website SEO

While web traffic is important, the ability to convert them to actual paying customers is what every dealership really needs to accomplish.

Quality automotive SEO plays a key factor in conversion rates. Any website SEO plan can drive traffic, but top rated specialty SEO companies, like Customer Scout, maximizes every individual that sees your website and is actually interested in purchasing a new or used car. These goals are achieved with a unique system that targets customers with top keywords and directs them to the appropriate page on your website. For example, a customer that might be interested in a particular used car model will be routed to a page featuring that car, instead of just your home page. The less clicks a customer makes, the more likely they are to convert in the end.

Choosing the best SEO Company for your Dealership l Customer Scout INC.

There are thousands of online marketing companies offering services to both used and new car dealerships. While they may claim great results for their clients, most don’t specialize in automotive SEO, which results in placing the future of your business in the hands of someone who works with just about any client that contacts them. Dealing with a marketing company that strictly promotes car dealerships is a must. Customer Scout works with industry leading experts who know how to promote a car dealership online and who have years of experience in automotive website SEO.

Services l Auto Dealer Website SEO

Promoting a business online can be a complicated process. A significant amount of time must be spent on a variety of marketing methods that, as a whole, increase traffic, conversions and sales for the dealership.

Customer Scout will help identify the particular marketing and revenue goals of your dealership. Client service is one of the company’s top priorities, and each package is carefully created based on competition, location and budget. In order to maximize results, monthly website SEO reports are generated for the dealership in an easy to read format that details traffic results, conversions and more.

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