Chatbots Automotive Car Dealers Customer Scout INC

Can Car Dealers used Chatbots to their advantage

Chatbots Automotive Car Dealers Customer Scout INC

Can Chatbots be used by Auto Dealers

For auto dealers looking to engage their potential customers, chat bots have proven an effective and powerful method that you can use to obtain important information from a prospect’s name, and it opens permanent channels of communication with them for future business. What are some of the ways it works? First, it provides you with a 24/7 messenger who offers you instant and real-time sales conversations. This chat works 365 days every year, and you can do it all from your automotive dealership. With a more traditional business, you have to close your doors at some point, but with this, you can keep the line of communication open. Your customers can use this technology to check your inventory, schedule service, an appointment or test drive.

Convert Leads into Customers

Through lead generation, you can convert your customers’ public Facebook data and other information into valuable and usable data for instantaneous lead generation. The chat bot customer profile syncs through user updates, and it has input to reflect the current consumer behavior and interests. This works for both services and products.

Staff Text Alerts

Auto dealers have taken a liking to systems like Customer Scout Inc because up to 50 staff members can be alerted as a customer fills out crucial information and leaves a message. Staff will also be alerted to scheduled test drives, service appointments and requests to speak with a representative. As the auto dealership, you can also administrate specifically who receives these alerts. The alerts happen so fast that customers don’t have to wait too long before getting a response. This means leads don’t have to wait hours just to get a simple answer, which makes for happy customers who are more likely to respond favorably with buying your services.

Easier to Anticipate Customer Needs

Because of the instant two-way communication between the dealership and the customer, this digital marketing method archives your chat history, which makes it easy to look back and address a customer’s needs. Through their conversations, chatbots can also ask users for more information that could clarify the user’s preferences and inclinations. It is possible to extend this possibility to information gathering as well, for a range of purposes. And by utilizing software tools, such as those available at, the collected data can be processed and analyzed to meet your unique business requirements.

Adaptive Messaging

Anyone who has clicked through ads on Facebook know how chatbots present you with questions aimed at guiding the customer toward taking a specific course of action. For example, perhaps that action involves scheduling an appointment or filling out a form to generate leads. As an auto dealership, you get to decide how you profit from this digital marketing. Most of this technology is chock-full of artificial intelligence to adapt to what the customer says. Running these AI software may require high technological support such as a robust computer system and an effective graphic card or cloud GPU (get technical info on websites similar to However, workability and adaptability can be very beneficial for businesses providing chatbot communication to their customers. When the customer doesn’t respond the way a dealership hopes, the robot changes its overall message to evoke a more positive reaction from the customer.

The Responsive Billboard

Dealerships have taken a liking to chat bots because it engages the customer in a way that eventually leads to them buying services through your automotive company. Throughout the shopping process, consumers want to have control over the shopping, and they generally see less human interaction with salesman as more favorable. This serves the customer because they still get the information needed to make invaluable purchase decisions. Like with all ads, you will have plenty who ignore it. Nevertheless, if you have an estimated 100,000 people who see the add and 4.5 percent to 5 percent respond to it, that’s a potential of 5,000 customers. Plenty of dealerships that have adopted this new technology have seen between 50 to 60 sales every month traced back to this robot, and the only thing they had to do was install it on their website and watch it go to work.

Can this new system be used by auto dealers? For those willing to experiment with it, they will find that it works well, and it leads their company to the promised land. Through this system, you can transform first-time customers into repeat business because you make it much easier for them to schedule appointments, and they can transmit valuable information more easily. The customer picks out the time most convenient for him, and he also has the option to add service discounts to his package, which ensures full engagement without the hassle of codes or coupons.

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