automotive seo trends 2023

Automotive SEO Trends in 2023 l Customer Scout

Search engine optimization (SEO) is understandably a major aspect of your auto dealership’s marketing efforts. After all, SEO optimizes your website’s visibility to potential customers. Unfortunately, your automotive SEO efforts will always be a work in progress. This is because SEO strategies as well as search engine algorithms themselves change regularly. As you look toward your dealership’s marketing efforts for the next year, what are some of the most important SEO Trends in 2023 to prepare for?

automotive seo trends 2023

Schema Markup l Automotive SEO 2023

While schema markup has already been playing a role in SEO rankings, your dealership’s website may not yet be optimized in this way. This refers to code that can be embedded in your website that makes it easier for search engines to rank your website more effectively. As a result, it can benefit your website’s organic traffic and click-through rate. In addition, a search engine may be more likely to feature your automotive website in a rich snippet. Schema markup can be used to differentiate specific types of content, such as blog posts, product descriptions and more.

Voice Search l 2023 SEO

As you explore top automotive SEO trends in 2023, you should not overlook the growing consumer trend of voice searches. In fact, the popularity of voice searches has been increasing so dramatically that it may soon surpass typed search queries. To optimize your auto dealership’s website for voice searches, your SEO strategy should center around long-tail keywords. This is because people usually ask voice recognition technologies full sentences rather than very short phrases or single words. Smartphones are most commonly used for this type of search. Therefore, by focusing on SEO for voice search, you can essentially improve the mobile-friendliness of your website.

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Mobile-First Indexing l Automotive SEO Trends

For many years, Google indexed websites based on their desktop version. However, it is now indexing the mobile version of a website first. This is in response to the prevalence of mobile searches. There are several key factors that influence mobile indexing. Some of these are page load speeds, the navigability of the website and a responsive design. As you work toward driving more traffic to your dealership’s website, you should give your website’s mobile version ample attention to improving in these areas.

Google AMP l SEO Trends 2023

Are you wondering how to improve your mobile version’s page load speed? AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a Google technology that is designed specifically for this purpose. It facilitates faster loading speeds by preloading HTML code before it is requested. Incorporating this technology can directly boost search engine rankings in some cases.

Visual Search l Customer Scout SEO

Some of these SEO Trends in 2023 are concepts that are increasingly prevalent and important, but visual search is a relatively new approach that you may not be familiar with. Some search engine users have started searching using images rather than text or voice. This is done through Google Images. To optimize your website for visual search functionality, your website needs to use high-quality images. The images should each be fully captioned and have an appropriate description.

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Featured Snippets l SEO Trends

When users conduct a search engine query, the results often turn up a few featured snippets. These are frequently asked or relevant questions that are related to the query, and they include top answers to the questions. Google will select a featured snippet from a website to showcase in the answer to a question. If your website is featured in a snippet, the website can benefit from greater exposure and increased traffic. Because of this, your automotive SEO strategy should involve targeting long-tail keywords that your target audience may be searching for. Content related to the keywords should be informative and concisely written.

Keeping up with changing automotive SEO trends requires regular effort. At the same time, the proper techniques and strategies for developing trends should be used to attain superior results. Customer Scout SEO services are available to help you achieve the results your dealership needs consistently and without hassle. To learn more about Customer Scout SEO, contact our team today.

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