Automotive SEO Success in 2017

Automotive SEO 2017

More Dealer Customers in 2017 with SEO

Search engine optimization, frequently referred to as SEO, is an essential part of auto dealer success. In the past, people might have decided to show up for a test drive based on a TV advertisement or an ad in a newspaper. However, this is no longer always the case since increasing numbers of people of all age groups are looking to the Internet when deciding where to shop.

When it comes to purchasing an automobile, the number may be even higher than for most other purchases. 88 percent of automotive shoppers do research online. This means that to increase traffic in 2017 to your dealership, you’re going to need to increase traffic to your website as well.

More Consumers Research Vehicles Online l Customer Scout SEO

When someone is interested in purchasing a vehicle, they are almost certainly going to look for information about cars – and dealerships – on the Internet. If your dealership isn’t at the top of search results, it is likely that the person in question is going to go with a competitor. Therefore, auto dealer success now often hinges on how easy it is to find your website through a search engine.

Automotive SEO l Auto Dealer Success in 2017 

While you could handle your own SEO campaigns, the reality is that it’s much easier and more effective to take advantage of services offered by Customer Scout SEO. Optimizing a site for a search engine is a moving target since search engines tend to change what determines how sites are ranked on a regular basis. If you’re basing your optimization on standards from a year ago, you may not only fail to improve your search engine ranking, but you may actually be hurting it. 2017 dealer success programs.

Further, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that a site is search engine friendly. Along with creating keyword content, naming structures and HTML that tells search engines that your site is relevant to search terms, you also need to figure out which search terms to optimize for. Understanding what people search for when looking to purchase automobiles in your area can make or break your optimization efforts.

There’s also the fact that backlinking can be very helpful or very harmful to your site. Links from high-quality and authoritative sites can improve your search engine rankings, but Google and other search engines may reduce your ranking if it is believed that you’re using less than honest tactics to get those links to your site.

Customer Scout SEO
Taking advantage of our Automotive SEO services can help ensure that you achieve automotive SEO success in 2017. Our services can help drive traffic to your website by helping to ensure that you’re at the top of search engine results for keywords that people interested in buying vehicles in your area look for. Grow your marketshare in 2017!

We can provide start to finish services that include building a website for you from the ground up. Along with securing a domain name and hosting for your site, we can develop your website structure, code web pages and ensure that all of the content on your site is search engine friendly. We can also tie social media marketing into your search engine marketing plan.

Grow your Dealership  on in 2017 
If you’re looking to increase traffic in 2017, visit our website. We are an award winning SEO service that can help you increase your sales and online presence. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation.

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