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2019 Local SEO Preview for Top Ranking

Local SEO for Car dealerships

Radio and print media ads were once the mainstay of a car dealership’s marketing plan. However, technological advances have changed automotive consumer behaviors, and this has made radio and print media ads dramatically less effective than they once were. In fact, some dealerships have entirely stopped using these methods to reach out to the local market. Currently, radio and print media advertisements tend to be incorporated mainly by jewelry ads, magazines (try https://www.printivity.com/landing/magazines for example), publishing companies, trade shows, etc. When it comes to car dealerships, today’s consumers are increasingly using online research before making buying decisions. Many consumers no longer drive around from dealership to dealership to learn about different models. They may largely base their buying decision on the information they find online. As an auto dealership, it is imperative that your local customers can find your dealership’s information as well as sales-oriented content about your models and services through online searches.

The Online Marketing Challenge Auto Dealerships

Many car dealerships have already made a solid effort to develop and implement an effective Local SEO marketing plan, but they have not enjoyed the high level of results that they desire. Search engine optimization strategies are complex, and they require considerably more effort than stuffing your website’s text with a few keywords. Top search engines use complex algorithms that are updated regularly. In order to maximize the results of a search engine marketing campaign, your auto dealership’s search engine optimization campaign must be revised and updated based on these changes as they occur. Strategies for local SEO car dealerships may include a multi-pronged approach using on-site and off-site methods. At Customer Scout, we provide car dealerships like yours with effective online marketing services. Through these services, we can help you to achieve the results that your dealership needs in order to compete in your local market and to be as profitable as possible.

The Importance of Keyword Selection in 2019

When selecting keywords to use for your dealership’s search engine optimization campaign, you may understand the need to select words and phrases that your customers will use in their online searches. However, it is often helpful to focus on keywords and phrases that are not heavily used by the competition. Furthermore, because you are targeting a local audience, you may benefit from using localized long-tail keywords. Keep in mind that the ideal keywords to focus on may change regularly, so you need to habitually analyze keyword usage and selection in order to enjoy excellent result from your campaign on a regular basis.

The Right SEO Keyword Density in 2019

Search engines are increasingly savvy. They are focused on finding relevant content that is helpful and meaningful to users. Search engine algorithms are sophisticated enough to determine if a website is stuffed with keywords versus whether the word selection is natural. Stuffing can actually be detrimental to your search engine optimization efforts. Therefore, all strategies and efforts for local SEO car dealerships should include fresh, concise and meaningful content. This should be content that is actually useful to your target audience and that has the right keyword density for optimization.

2019 SEO Strategies to Focus On

The usage of keywords on your website is only one aspect to focus on. An effective search engine optimization campaign should also include adding fresh content to your website regularly, such as with the creation of regular blog posts that are properly optimized and meaningful for your audience. Social media marketing should take into account local SEO car dealerships strategies as well. Inbound links also create credibility with search engines, and they may drive traffic to your website. Creating these links requires substantial effort. The location of link placement should be based on research and planning. For example, inbound links from major automotive websites may have profound results on search engine rankings. These links ideally will be search engine optimized as well.

The Need to Focus on Mobile Strategies

While some of your local customers will conduct automotive research on a laptop or desktop device, many will use a mobile device. The mobile strategies for local SEO for car dealerships must be refined in several ways. For example, a website should be compatible across all types of devices. In addition, business listings, geo fencing and other strategies may be used to enhance your reach to mobile users in your local market.

Rank Higher in 2019 with Customer Scout’s SEO

Customer Scout offers award-winning online marketing services, and this includes local SEO for car dealerships. Because we focus only on providing services for car dealerships, our specialization enables us to be responsive, proactive and effective in our efforts in a targeted way. More than that, we apply proven and detailed analytics to continuously revise and improve the services that we provide to our valued customers. Our focus is to continue to generate solid results from your online marketing campaign through ongoing data analysis. To learn more about our services for local SEO for car dealerships, contact our team at Customer Scout today to request a consultation.


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