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Important Automotive SEO Trends in 2018

Important SEO Trends in 2018 for Car Dealers

The benefits of a thoughtful SEO campaign for auto dealers is tremendous. SEO, or search engine optimization, is imperative for businesses that want to rank high on search engine results when specific keywords or phrases are selected. With so many auto buyers shopping online for their next vehicle, auto dealerships that want to be successful with online marketing are overwhelmingly focusing their marketing attention on SEO techniques. Search engine optimization is not a static concept with fixed features and capabilities. Instead, it is constantly evolving. One of the primary goals of search engines is to make the user experience more beneficial and enjoyable. Many of the SEO trends in 2018 are focused on this goal. With a closer look at the latest SEO trends, you may be able to tweak your campaign through the services of Customer Scout so that you can enjoy even better results from your marketing campaign in the next year.

JSON Schema l Automotive SEO in 2018

Many of the largest and most popular search engines are using JSON schema in an effort to provide the user with a better experience. Understanding trends such as this one can help your website to potential get better search engine rankings. The purpose of schema is so search engines can better understand your website’s content beyond the keywords that have been focused on. The schema is readable and beneficial to humans, but it also is designed so that the search engines can better understand exactly what your website offers to others. Keep in mind that this is one of the newer and less utilized SEO trends in 2018. This means that your website could benefit substantially by implementing this technique with help from the team at Customer Scout.Mobile Device UX

Some webpages have a very slow loading speed. This can negatively impact the user’s experience when using a search engine. Google is one of several websites that have started analyzing loading speed and that either rewards or penalizes websites for their speed. One way to determine how well your loading speed ranks is to use the speed tool provided by Google. With this tool, websites are rated on a scale from zero to 100. If your score is 75 or lower, it could be penalized for speed. Many auto dealers struggle with this concept. After all, dealerships understandably need a website that is graphics heavy, and this can slow down your website’s load time. Because of how important this concept is, however, it makes sense to focus on increasing load times as much as possible. In fact, because many of your competitors may have webpages with slow load times and may now be aware that this is one of the hot concepts in SEO marketing, you may be able to maximize this benefit by being one of a handful of dealerships in your area to focus on loading speed.

Compelling Content l SEO Success in 2018 for Car Dealerships

If you are familiar with SEO concepts that developed many years ago, you may be aware of how common it was for businesses to focus on finding a few relevant keywords and to develop content around those keywords. For example, a keyword or keyword phrase may have been inserted as naturally as possible into the text every 100 to 250 words. You may think that auto dealers should continue to follow this strategy, but the reality is that it has become far less important. When you develop compelling content rather than content that is based SEO keywords and phrases, you essentially are creating content that may be shared or that may generate more external links to the page. Search engines recognize the value of content that is shared frequently by others because of its relevance and importance, and this is changing the SEO marketing landscape going forward.Voice Search Capabilities

Depending on the age group, roughly half of teens and adults with a smartphone use their phone’s voice search function. This may include their goal to find businesses that they can visit within their vicinity. While you may think that your other SEO efforts will impact voice search capabilities, this is not necessarily the case. SEO trends in 2018 focus on this aspect of the user experience in different ways. First, in some cases, localizing your content so that it is more relevant for who your users are is important. Second, page load time is also critical to this aspect of search engine processes.
Keeping up with the latest changes in the world of auto dealership SEO is critical, but it also is time-consuming. You must understand what the latest trends are. Then, you must determine how you can implement those trends for the maximum benefit. Remember that this is an ongoing process. As search engines continue to evolve, you must regularly update your website accordingly if you want to maximize its benefit and make it easier for your target audience to find you. Professional SEO marketing assistance from the team at Customer Scout can help you to take your marketing efforts to the next level without requiring you to get bogged down in the details of the latest market changes.

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