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NEW – Google’s Click to Message on Car Dealerships’ Business Listings

Google Click to Message on Business Listings l Auto Dealers

Car Dealerships can now take advantage of Google’s new Click to Messenage Feature

Connecting with customers is a process that has changed dramatically in recent years. The dealerships who adopt new technologies are going to get more customers and increased sales. One of these new technologies is Google Click to Message on Business Listings. With this new service, dealerships can have a Click to Message button set up on Google Business Listings for customers to get in contact with you. With car dealer listings, you need every extra convenience that you can provide your customers. The automotive industry is uniquely positioned to benefit from this new technology and auto dealerships who contract with Customer Scout INC will be among the first to use this technology.

Using the Click and Message App l Auto Tech Information

With Google Click to Message on Business Listings, you don’t have to sit around and wait for an email on your computer. Email is still a great way to interact with customers, but the Click to Message system operates more efficiently and gives you a way to connect with your mobile customers. When a customer finds your business through car dealer listings and navigates to your Google page, they will be able to message you and you’ll get a notification on your Podium app. The Podium Messenger arranges all of your correspondence in one central location, and it makes it easy to keep your profile information updated. This new feature is critical for the automotive industry as it essentially allows you to connect with your customers using a medium that is direct and instant. Customers already know how to send instant messages and you can reply using your computer or your iPhone.

The Power of Search Result Texting l Business Listing click to message feature

Auto dealerships are constantly looking for ways to get in touch with their customers. Customer Scout INC makes this possible through an integrated and comprehensive set of services that help get you noticed in Google Business Listings. Customers will find your listing through Google Search and be able to use the Google Click to Message on Business Listings to immediately get in touch with you. The customer is given a streamlined view of your dealership and they will have access to your address, phone number, hours and a description of your dealership right away. The Click to Message option operates under the premise that when you make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you, you’ll be able to increase your visibility and get better results with your car dealer listings. Google is changing the way the automotive industry, and specifically, auto dealerships are connecting with their customers. Get it on the ground level so that when the rest of the automotive community discovers this feature, you’ll already have the reviews and reputation online to stay on top.

Improve Your Bottom Line l Contact Customer Scout about the Manage your Car Dealer’s Google Business Listing

Customer Scout INC is dedicated to staying on top of the most important technologies available today. We work hard to make sure that all of our customers are getting the business that they need through enhanced Google Business Listings. When it comes to getting your name out there and making it easy for customers to find you, we have the experience, knowledge and skillset to ensure your business ranks highly. We evaluate your competition and reverse engineer their websites to find out how we can outrank them. You know the value of your dealership and the quality of the cars you sell, so let us help bring that information to the world. Our specialists work tirelessly to anticipate new technologies and you will have a team that is dedicated and invested in your success.

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. It’s simply not enough to put up a website and be content with your listings, you need real professionals to help you get your dealership out there. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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