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Why Car Dealers need Google My Business Posts

why car auto dealers need google my business GMB posts - customer scout

Because car dealers are local businesses that serve a specific customer base within a relatively small geographic area, producing results from online marketing efforts can be challenging. After all, general Internet marketing efforts have a broad reach across the country and beyond. The last thing that you want is for your company to waste time and money marketing to the masses when you want to pinpoint your focus in the area where you do business. Local search engine optimization is one method that can be used effectively to achieve this goal, and Customer Scout SEO services for local car dealerships like yours include a focus on Google My Business, or GMB. Once you learn how GMB posts created by Customer Scout can work in your favor, you may be eager to get started.

What Is Google My Business? Info for Auto Dealers

Google My Business is a free service, and you can easily start taking advantage of it today. It incorporates the features of Google Maps, Google+ and Google Search in a way that essentially can be used as an online listing for your business. Your business likely already has a GMB listing, but you will need to create an account with Google so that you can edit the listing. By editing the listing, you can add your business hours, a link to your website and other information that may be essential in order to maximize the benefits of this service.

How Google My Business Posts Can Help Your Local Car Dealership

While the listing for GMB is free, it does take time, effort and the right strategy in order to maximize the benefits that this service offers. This is where Customer Scout SEO services come into the picture. For example, you can monitor and analyze the performance of the listing and even use AdWords to expand your reach. Recently, Google has added the option to include customized content to your GMB listing. Google My Business posts are created by you, and they are shown directly under the primary information in your GMB listing. These posts essentially serve the same function as short blogs, and they can have up to 300 words each. When car dealers use them effectively, they can add value to their visitors’ experience by including tips, advice and more in these messages. They can illustrate great features on new models, announce promotions and more as well. While the content in your posts is essential for appealing to your audience and encouraging them to click the link to your primary business website, the content can also be used in another beneficial way. Just as you can incorporate keywords and phrases in a standard blog for search engine optimization benefits, the same holds true for GMB posts.

Getting Results from Customer Scout SEO Services

As beneficial as customized GMB content can be for car dealers like you, the unfortunate reality is that many local businesses are not taking full advantage of what they offer. For example, some businesses are not using the GMB posts service at all, and this means that there is a wasted opportunity that could be resulting in lower sales numbers. Many businesses that are taking time to create new posts for this service on a regular basis are not fully taking advantage of the opportunity to boost search engine optimization efforts. One of the many services that Customer Scout offers to car dealerships like yours is search engine optimization service for the GMB content. This is content that your local customers will read and that could potentially drive them directly to your website, so the content must be thoughtful, beneficial to your customers and well-written. More than that, it should be written with SEO in mind. Customer Scout maximizes the benefits of this Google option by creating new content regularly that is optimized as well as beneficial and interesting to your customers.

Customer Scout provides exceptional search engine optimization services to car dealerships across the country. Local search engine optimization is one of the leading ways to drive customers in your market to your website. If you are ready to learn more about how we use Google My Business posts and many other online marketing techniques to boost your website’s traffic in a targeted way, contact us today.

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