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According to Google, the average car shopper only visits two dealerships when searching for a new vehicle. So dealerships need to stand out and utilize the software available, which you can find on websites like VinSolutions, so there is an appeal to the customers searching. This means it’s more important than ever that car dealerships are using SEO to help get them to the top of search results. Car dealer SEO is much more complicated than doing SEO for almost any other market. This makes digital marketing campaigns more nuanced as well. First, dealers often sell new vehicles from several different manufacturers with a variety of makes and models. Next, because so many people trade in their old cars by searching key phrases such as ‘how to sell left hand drive cars in UK‘, for example, when they purchase new cars, car dealers also sell a variety of used vehicles from even more manufacturers. Additionally, car dealerships also have a service department that offers car maintenance and repairs – like manufacturer warranty work, oil changes, tire rotations, recall repairs, and more.

Because of all of this, a car dealer is like three businesses in one: they sell new cars, used cars, AND do vehicle repairs. The business of car dealerships is multi-faceted and so the SEO optimizations for their websites and content must be multi-faceted, too. At Customer Scout, we specialize in automotive SEO and understand every level of the most up-to-date, complex nature of Car Dealer SEO. Customer Scout knows how to get you the sales and customers you’re missing out on because of poorly optimized SEO. Contact Customer Scout today for a demo.

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