Ways to Optimize an Auto Dealer Website

Ways to Optimize an Auto Dealer Website

Ways to Optimize an Auto Dealer Website 

The way modern consumers research and shop for a new vehicle has evolved dramatically, and today’s car dealerships must adapt their marketing efforts to reach consumers in the most effective ways currently possible. Driving around to several different lots and test driving many models is no longer a part of the typical sales experience. Today’s consumers conduct most research about current models and about car dealerships online. In fact, many will base more of their buying decision on the information that they locate online. Because of this, the need for dealer websites to rank high in search engine results is significant. SEO for auto dealerships is a vital part of any dealership’s marketing campaign today, but optimization requires special techniques.

The Challenges for Optimizing a Dealership’s Website

Dealerships may offer a dozen or more unique models as well as trim variations for each one. They may also carry last year’s models or tease next year’s models, offer used cars for sale, offer financing and have a full service department. In a sense, a car dealership may market several different business lines under one website. Some dealerships also are included in a family of other local dealerships, which means that there may be an additional layer of complexity to the site. In order to effectively market dealership websites online, the SEO strategy must focus on all aspects of the business.

The Many Avenues to Optimize Dealer Websites

When the concept of SEO was originally introduced many long years ago, the practice of selecting keywords that your consumers may be searching for and stuffing those keywords into your pages was common. Search engine optimization strategies have evolved dramatically over the years as search engines have become increasingly sophisticated. The primary goal of search engines is to provide users with relevant, helpful information. Search engines have increasingly improved how they analyze websites and produce results for each query. As you look for ways to optimize your own dealership’s online presence, you need to understand the essential role that each of these various SEO-relevant factors plays in your own dealership’s search engine rankings:

  • Google My Business
  • Online directories
  • Online reviews
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Optimized images
  • Optimized local connections
  • Schema

Creating an Effective Online Marketing Campaign for Car Dealerships

You understandably want to draw as many consumers to your auto dealership’s site as soon as possible, but you want the traffic to be targeted. Understanding how each of these specific factors impacts search engine rankings is an important first step to take toward the creation of an optimized online presence. Keep in mind that SEO for auto dealerships includes optimizing onsite content and promoting optimized offsite content that your consumers may see and that may have backlinks to your own page. Remember that each of these various avenues must be well-developed with a strategic plan for each side aspect of your business if you want to have the most effective SEO plan available.

How to Create an Effective Plan for SEO for Auto Dealerships

The ability to create and optimize an effective online marketing plan for your dealership’s site requires considerable understanding about each niche area of search engine optimization. More than that, you need to understand how to apply this knowledge in an effective way. For example, Google My Business enables you to update your business’s contact information, upload photos and post videos. Your consumers may also leave their reviews about the dealership. While there are many aspects of optimization that you can control, you can see that some aspects of optimization are organic by nature. In order to have positive consumer reviews, for example, your customers must take time to review your business. Your marketing plan may take into account all aspects of online marketing, including promoting positive organic information being created about the website.

As search engines continue to make thoughtful improvements to promote a better user experience, dealerships may anticipate the complexity of a successful search engine campaign to increase. With this in mind, you understandably need all of the help that you can get as you work to keep pace with these updates. Customer Scout is your preferred marketing company that specializes in the automotive industry. We understand the complexities of auto industry marketing, and we have a proven track record of generating stellar results for our clients.

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