Google’s Page Experience Update Arrives in 2021

Google’s Page Experience Update Google announced changes to how their search algorithm evaluates and ranks webpages. This new approach—which is called the Google Page Experience and is based on Core Web Values—will analyze how users interact with your pages. The goal with the new approach is to assess user perception of the Web experience. Valuable […]

Neural Matching fuels Google Bedlam Update

Neural Matching fuels Google Bedlam Update  Google uses sophisticated algorithms to generate search engine results and to reduce the impact of artificially manipulating those rankings. It regularly refines its algorithms with thoughtful, advanced updates. In November 2019, Google made its most recent major algorithm update, which has been called the Bedlam update by many people. […]

Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update for Car Dealers

Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update for Car Dealers SEO affected by Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update Google’s broad core algorithm update has been released around August 1st and seems to have a significant impact on both local and regular organic search results. The main purpose behind this update is to give a demotion to pages that […]