How Google Assistant Works with your Car Dealership

How Google Assistant Phone Calls Work

Google is among the most prolific tech firms in the world, and its services have changed the way many people live in countless ways. Its services likewise affect the way your business operates and how your customers interact with you. One of the more innovative services available is through Google Assistant. Understanding what to expect from Google Assistant in your auto dealership’s daily operations and how to maximize the benefits it offers are essential.

How Google Assistant Works with your Car Dealership

Google has evolved past the point of being a popular search engine. It now provides interactive services to its users. Google Assistant specifically can be used by your customers to check your business location and operational hours. Customers can also contact your car dealership directly through Google Assistant, such as to make an appointment with the service or sales departments. Because Google Assistant is a convenience to your customers that is free to use, you may see more widespread use of this service going forward. Understand that Google Assistant makes it more convenient for your customers to reach you, so their use of this service-oriented technology works in your car dealership’s favor. You may also want to look into implementing a management system through platforms like US Dealer Track that you can connect with your Google assistant for specific needs. Using and connecting the right software will help car dealerships in the long run.

What to Do When Google Assistant Calls Your Dealership

When a customer asks Google Assistant to contact your auto dealership, an appointment may be scheduled through an online booking partner if you have set this up. Otherwise, Google Assistant will call your dealership directly. Through automated technology, an appointment will be requested per the customer’s specifications. Your staff member may identify legitimate Google Assistant calls from two phone numbers. While your staff member will be interacting with an automated system on a recorded call, Google Assistant uses advanced technology to make the interaction as natural as possible. In some cases, however, your auto dealership may be contacted by a live professional.

How Your Auto Dealership Can Maximize the Benefits
Because Google Assistant provides a direct service to your customers and may become increasingly prevalent, educating your staff members about its use is a beneficial starting point. However, you can opt out by adjusting the settings in your Google My Business profile. If the service remains enabled, ensure that all information listed in your profile is accurate, including your business name, address, phone number and hours of operation. Google Assistant is programmed to only contact your business during operational hours.

To remain successful and competitive going forward, your car dealership must embrace technology and maximize its use intelligently. With the anticipation that Google Assistant will increase in popularity, now is the time to update your Google My Business profile and educate your staff about its use.


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