SEO Guide for Auto Dealers

To maximize the true potential of the Internet, you must master the important concept of SEO. Search engine optimization is a blanket term that covers several important concepts. When combined together, these concepts can have an overwhelmingly powerful impact on your website’s search engine rankings. As a result, these concepts directly impact the online visibility of your website.

These are all powerful concepts, but they are not all equal. For example, you generally must have a firm foundation rooted in crawl accessibility and quality content before you can build on that with keyword optimization, a compelling user experience and more. While some or all of these concepts may be new to you, you can master them through your commitment of time and energy.

Crawl Accessibility

Search engines will virtually crawl through the Internet to locate websites. This must be done before your website can be ranked and accessible in search engine results. Therefore, your initial focus must be on improving crawl accessibility. Newer websites may not have been located by search engines, so time may be your best friend. However, even established websites may not be visible to search engines for various reasons.

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Engaging Content

What will users find when the search engines direct them to your website? To keep users on your website, they need to quickly be able to determine if your website has the information that they seek. More than that, the content must be perfectly engaging. Search engines now utilize stats like click-through rates and the amount of time a user stays on your site to determine relevancy and rankings.

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Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization should go hand-in-hand with engaging content that provides true value to your readers. However, the content should not be stuffed with keywords. You must carefully select the keywords based on detailed research, and these words must be placed naturally in the content. The use of associated keywords may also boost your website’s search engine rankings.

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Enhanced User Experience

Because search engines take into account the amount of time that a user spends on your website and the clickthrough rate, you must focus on enhancing the user experience. The website design should be appealing to your target audience. It should grab the user’s attention quickly, such as through headers or images. It also must have a fast load speed and be easy to navigate.

Shareable Content

Search engine rankings are also determined based on the amplification rate. This means that the website may be used as an authority resource that other websites link to. It may also have numerous backlinks from affiliated websites. Keep in mind that the quality of the citations and backlinks is important. When reputable sources link to your website, your search engine rankings may jump higher.

Page Details

The page details associated with your website also impact the clickthrough rate. These details include a page title, a suitable URL and a meta description. These elements should ideally be keyword optimized. More than that, the details should extend to every page on the website rather than only to the homepage.

Snippets and Schema

Some of the newer search engine features also deserve your attention. Google now offers snippets, which are longer sections of text that are placed at the top of search engine results. The snippets are only available for the top listing in the search engine results, and the text is extracted automatically from the search engine. There are also other features, such as questions, that you can take advantage of.

You can see that there is a lot that you may not know about search engine optimization. While there are many resources available online that you can locate for personal education, be aware that the search engines continue to evolve rapidly. For example, only a few years ago, stuffing content with keywords was advantageous and was one of the primary steps to generate a desirable search engine ranking. Today, however, this can result in severe penalization from leading search engines.

At Customer Scout, we want your website to be as successful as it can be. We monitor changes to SEO algorithms regularly so that we can make rapid adjustments to our clients’ websites as needed. Our SEO experts have refined skills and experience in each of these concepts, and we can assure you that we can elevate your website’s ranking on top search engines. To learn more about Customer Scout, contact our team today.