The Power of GEO Fencing

Your preferred automotive digital marketing company, Customer Scout understands the importance of driving targeted traffic to your website. While you need your website to be visible through various search engine optimization techniques, you also need your target audience to visit your website and to enter your sales funnel. In order to accomplish your lofty goals in this area, your marketing efforts must regularly be updated. New strategies and advanced techniques must be used to maintain or improve your dealership’s presence online.

Understanding How GEO Fencing Works

Our GEO marketing services are designed to specifically target your local audience through organic search results. This is a step above local SEO strategies because it focuses on local targets within a specific perimeter of your dealership. Users that are currently located within a fenced perimeter or who have recently visited locations in this area may see your dealership at the top of search engine results when relevant keywords are queried. Through GEO-specific targeting, you can feel confident that those customers who are looking for your products and services in the local area are able to see your online content easily.

Why Your Dealership Needs to Be Focused on the Local Market

While GEO fencing is a relatively new concept, many other dealerships may already be using it. Competitor fencing efforts can be detrimental to your online marketing campaigns if you are not also using similar techniques. You cannot afford for your local targets to see other dealership websites ranked higher than yours. While it is essential to catch up to your competitors, it is equally important to surpass their efforts. We provide you with a comprehensive automotive digital marketing strategy that uses GEO targeting and a full range of other proven techniques to consistently generate superior results from marketing efforts.

Custom SEO Digital Marketing

There are many aspects of a successful GEO targeting campaign that must be flawlessly executed in order to drive local targets to your website consistently. For example, we need to research the keywords that other dealerships in your area may be used for competitor fencing campaigns. The careful selection of keywords is essential for a successful campaign. It is equally important for your customers to be able to quickly and easily locate accurate, sales-oriented information about your models and automotive services. This type of marketing technique can help you to achieve excellent rankings with your local audience, and it also may drive foot traffic into your dealership.

While some digital marketing companies can drive traffic to your website, we are the firm that strategically delivers quality leads to your dealership. Through this and other proven techniques, we can create and execute a well-rounded and effective campaign that produces the traffic that you desire. To learn more about this targeted online marketing technique, schedule a consultation with our team at Customer Scout today.

GEO Targeting for Auto Dealerships

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