Google My Business Tips for Auto Dealers

Google My Business Tips for Auto Dealers

Your car dealership’s online presence is promoted and located through its Google My Business listing. This is a listing that enhances SEO, provides potential customers with easy access to photos and customer reviews and more. Google provides businesses with the ability to manage content on their listing, but this may be easier said than done in some instances. Recently, Google has taken bold steps to make it easier for local businesses like yours to maximize the benefits of Google My Business listings.

An Improved Community Platform | Google My Business

Through Google’s ongoing effort to improve its services, the Google My Business Community has transformed into the Google My Business Help Community. This is more than a name change. Google has enabled users to help other users through a revised platform. The revised platform has been created entirely by Google and is an integration of the previous help and community help support platforms. By taking advantage of all that the new platform offers, you may save time and avoid unnecessary stress as you work toward creating the most productive online listing possible.

How to Use the New Platform | GMB Car Dealer Listings

Many other users may have had similar questions and concerns as you currently have. Therefore, a good starting point is to use the search feature offered on the new Google My Business Help Community platform. The information you seek may be readily available to you through a search so that you can address your problem quickly and move on with your day. In addition to finding quick answers from other users, you may also gain strategic advice about how to navigate the support wizard. Consider that the support wizard asks a series of questions and routes your inquiry according to your answers. Through other users’ advice, you may learn how to answer these questions strategically to get the prompt assistance that you truly need.

Using the Support Community | Google Tips

Your auto dealership’s online success is heavily influenced by Google My Business, so you understandably cannot afford to have confusion or problems. After searching for a solution, you may still need help, and the perfect place to turn to is the support community. The community platform provides you with direct access to Product Experts and other users. You simply use the platform to connect with others about your problem. The community is home to numerous helpful individuals who are eager to assist you. Even the most frustrating or complex issues with your Google My Business listing could easily be resolved by reaching out to the support community.

Other Updates to the Google My Business Help Community

Several other notable updates are also available through the revised platform that could assist with your development and maintenance of a Google My Business Listing. For example, the new Trending Issues feature integrates threads related to a popular topic for enhanced visibility. Another exciting update is the improved mobile-friendly design of the entire platform. You can now obtain information and assistance through your mobile device as easily as you would from your laptop. A new rich text editor is now available that assists with formatting text, adding attachments and more.

Several updates have made it easier for you to locate information through the community help platform. For example, you can now subscribe to updates for specific threads that you created or are following. The powerful search and filter tools have been updated so that you can more easily find what you need. One filter includes a format preference, such as iOS, web or Android formats. You can even upvote the responses that you receive from your questions or searches to help other users.

Maximizing the benefit of your auto dealership’s Google My Business listing is essential. However, between crafting an SEO-rich company description, keeping up with Google’s periodic updates and more, it may seem time-consuming and confusing to attempt this on your own. At Customer Scout, we specialize in online marketing for auto dealerships like yours. We can manage your Google My Business listing effectively now and in the future as Google continues to update its features. To learn more about our services for car dealerships, contact us today.

How Google Assistant Works with your Car Dealership

How Google Assistant Phone Calls Work

Google is among the most prolific tech firms in the world, and its services have changed the way many people live in countless ways. Its services likewise affect the way your business operates and how your customers interact with you. One of the more innovative services available is through Google Assistant. Understanding what to expect from Google Assistant in your auto dealership’s daily operations and how to maximize the benefits it offers are essential.

How Google Assistant Works with your Car Dealership

Google has evolved past the point of being a popular search engine. It now provides interactive services to its users. Google Assistant specifically can be used by your customers to check your business location and operational hours. Customers can also contact your car dealership directly through Google Assistant, such as to make an appointment with the service or sales departments. Because Google Assistant is a convenience to your customers that is free to use, you may see more widespread use of this service going forward. Understand that Google Assistant makes it more convenient for your customers to reach you, so their use of this service-oriented technology works in your car dealership’s favor.

What to Do When Google Assistant Calls Your Dealership

When a customer asks Google Assistant to contact your auto dealership, an appointment may be scheduled through an online booking partner if you have set this up. Otherwise, Google Assistant will call your dealership directly. Through automated technology, an appointment will be requested per the customer’s specifications. Your staff member may identify legitimate Google Assistant calls from two phone numbers. While your staff member will be interacting with an automated system on a recorded call, Google Assistant uses advanced technology to make the interaction as natural as possible. In some cases, however, your auto dealership may be contacted by a live professional.

How Your Auto Dealership Can Maximize the Benefits
Because Google Assistant provides a direct service to your customers and may become increasingly prevalent, educating your staff members about its use is a beneficial starting point. However, you can opt out by adjusting the settings in your Google My Business profile. If the service remains enabled, ensure that all information listed in your profile is accurate, including your business name, address, phone number and hours of operation. Google Assistant is programmed to only contact your business during operational hours.

To remain successful and competitive going forward, your car dealership must embrace technology and maximize its use intelligently. With the anticipation that Google Assistant will increase in popularity, now is the time to update your Google My Business profile and educate your staff about its use.

Google Posts has a new Content Feature

New Google Posts Content Feature

Why are local pack listings including Google Posts?

Leading SEO agencies like Customer Scout immediately noticed when posts by Google began appearing in local 3-pack listings. Some had worried that Google was dismissing the value of Posts as an aspect of Google My Business, but this was a clear indication otherwise.

As a new feature, truncated text from these posts is appearing via Local Finder as well as the 3-pack listings. If a web surfer is searching for a car in your area and your dealership comes up, this feature can provide that potential customer some very important and useful information.

What are Posts by Google?

Google Posts is the unofficial name for a feature originally introduced in 2016 so that U.S. presidential candidates could have important information displayed in a card-like format at the top of search results. The experiment was so successful that this new feature was soon extended to businesses.

What are 3-pack listings?

Local Finder is a component of Google that provides users with highly targeted and local content. The 3-pack is particularly important because it showcases the three most relevant local business to the search query in a box that sits atop the rest of the search results provided by Google.

Can the local pack be influenced?

The Local Finder along with the local 3-pack are used by Google to present relevant information about local businesses. This can include an address, phone number, business hours and review score.

These boxes are very crowded as is, and there is no universal rule to what content will appear in them. The focus here is on the user, and Google’s strategy is to provide the information within the space available that supports that local business’ right to be showcased. While you may not be able to influence it directly, you can influence it indirectly through a solid overall GMB plan.

Why has Google made this change?

Why has Google made no official statement? It is difficult to say but note that Google has been coy in the past in order to avoid influencing the data that it wants to collect. The obvious answer is that Google is seeking additional attributes it can use to pair businesses with relevant search terms.

Google already uses similar elements for Local Finder. These include:

• Categories
• Subcategories
• Website scraping
• Google Review posts
• Google My Business descriptions

Other recognition elements that are available but not yet included in Local Finder are:

• Objective attributes
• Subjective attributes
• Third-party reviews
• Q&As from Google My Business

Be mindful that Google may not be emphasizing Google Posts at all but rather deemphasizing some of the other elements listed above. Posts by Google may be cropping up more and more in order to fill an information gap created by other changes to the algorithm.

Consider a scenario in which a local dealership has only a few reviews and none of them mention its auto shop. A post that discusses the shop and the various services available may be enough to push that dealership into the Local Finder for a web surfer seeking automotive maintenance.

Another potential explanation is that a greater emphasis on Posts is part of the plan for moving beyond Google+. If the goal is to have Google My Business be the means through which local businesses interact with clients and potential customers, then it makes great sense that the changes to Posts are an early step toward making GMB the primary social network for businesses available through Google.

What does this mean for your local business?

It is worth noting that Google has not yet made an official statement regarding this new feature. Nevertheless, Customer Scout is hard at work on strategies to ensure that your business is prevalent in Local Finder and that the content you want customers to see scores highly.

There is still much testing and analysis to be conducted by Customer Scout and the industry at large. But there is little doubt that this is an exciting change that could mean big things for your dealership.