Video Marketing powered by SEO

If you are looking for ways to boost your results from an SEO marketing  campaign, you understandably may not think about the benefits of video-based marketing. After all, search engine optimization is seemingly based entirely on text-based marketing messages. While this is true to an extent, the reality is that incorporating well-designed videos into your online marketing campaign may help you to rise above the competition and to achieve the stellar results that you desire from digital marketing.  Customer Scout is ready to assist you as you incorporate videos into your updated marketing campaign.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Car Dealers

You may be aware that videos can more quickly and easily communicate messages to viewers than text can. Your target audience may be more inclined to watch eye-catching and engaging videos about a new model or about innovative features available than they are to read text.  Videos can easily be viewed on mobile devices, and they may bolster conversation rates. When quality videos are properly tagged for SEO purposes, you can take advantage of a boost in conversion rates, click-through rates and more. Remember that YouTube is owned by Google, so there is relevance between videos and search engine results.


You can see that you need to be using video marketing in your online marketing campaign, but you may think that creating quality video footage would cost a fortune or would not be cost-effective. Our team at Customer Scout focuses on digital marketing for auto dealerships like yours, and we have successfully incorporated videos into our customers’ marketing campaigns with great results. Our services provide true value to our clients with proven results, so you can feel confident that there is considerable return on investment to be enjoyed through video marketing.

How to Increase Your Dealership’s Marketing Campaign

Keep in mind that great results are not achieved by simply preparing a video and posting it on YouTube. The usage and placement of the video, its tagging and related SEO  keywords, how the videos are promoted and other factors all play a critical role in the results that you will achieve. If you are ready to take your online marketing efforts to the next level, entrust our marketing team to modernize and improve your campaign. We know what it takes to deliver stunning results and to continuously improve going forward. The use of  videos in an online marketing campaign for auto dealerships is only one of many effective techniques that we will use to draw your target audience to your website or to encourage them to drop in to your place of business. While we create marketing messages that are designed to rank well with search engines, we also create marketing that is intended to communicate the benefits of your products and services to your customers.

To request more information about our use of videos in marketing efforts and to learn about the campaign that we can create for you, 
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