How will Google BERT change automotive marketing

Google BERT and Automotive Marketing - Customer Scout

How will Google BERT change automotive search results

Google BERT and Automotive Marketing - Customer Scout

Google announced BERT—Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. BERT is a change to the manner in which Google processes user search queries, and in the following, Customer Scout will look at how this new approach affects car dealers and other local businesses.

What the Automotive industry needs to know about BERT?

Google BERT is an artificial intelligence that seeks to understand the relationships between the elements a search query comprises. In other words, Google aims to provide better results from search queries phrased in more natural language. Google deems it to be the biggest leap forward in the history of the search engine and estimates that will affect at least 10 percent of the queries it processes.

What Is Google’s Goal With BERT?

Conversational search queries have become more prevalent as more people use voice searches through various smart devices. A text search query might look something like “car dealers San Jose,” but the person speaking to his or her Google Home is more inclined to ask something like “which car dealers near me sell certified pre-owned vehicles.” But even natural language is sometimes broken in nature, which means that Google BERT must be able to make presumptions based on context. Concepts and context are integral to what BERT does, which is put less onus on the user to create a perfect query.

What Is the Impact for Auto dealerships?

At this point, it is not possible for Customer Scout or anyone else to say with any certainty what the impact will be on local business—or online businesses for that matter. BERT will certainly be in effect for searches that return local pack results, but it is at this point unclear if SEO strategy changes are needed.

How Will BERT Affect Local Auto Dealership Rankings?

This is perhaps the more interesting question. It will certainly affect tracked local rankings. But how so? One manner in which an immediate impact has been felt is ranking based on short-tail keywords. The effect on long-tail keywords has not been so immediate, but that likely reflects how professionals use SEO ranking tools. The affects on natural language will become more apparent over time.

Consider it this way. If you already have useful content that is rich with the appropriate keywords, that cream will already be rising to the top more often. But there will be long-term benefits to BERT as well, and the impressions, click-throughs and backlinks should not only increase but be more organic in nature as we move forward. This will certainly affect your complete search profile in a positive way and, in doing so, eventually improve your tracked local rankings as well.

Of course, there is the possibility that your competitors experience traffic that is more organic but you do not. In that case, it is possible that your rankings drop. The different should not be significant, but every bit is valuable, and thus, your focus turns to optimizing existing and future content to rank better.

Is It Possible to Optimize for BERT?

Optimize content specifically to score well with Google BERT and thus improve your tracked local rankings. The reason for this is that optimizing for tightly manicured search terms is simple but optimizing for natural questions is much more complex.  You can just do what has always been effective when it comes to search engine optimization: create compelling content. Contact Customer Scout to increase your SEO and digital marketing effort.

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020  HTML view Note

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020

Your automotive dealership relies heavily on online marketing to drive sales and to define its brand image. Simply creating online content is not an effective way to get the recognition that your auto business needs today. Content must be written specifically with effective SEO strategies in mind. This is a constantly changing landscape, so it is important to look forward in order to see what trends will influence your online marketing efforts in the coming year.

The Increased Prevalence of Snippets – SEO

According to Google, almost 55 percent of clicks from search engine results are driven by snippets. These are short answers to common questions. Google determines which snippets it will show based on a website’s relevance and authority, so your automotive business’s ability to have this coveted position can pay dividends.

Voice-Based Searches – 2020 SEO Factors

Approximately half of all search engine queries will be voice-based within the next year. This means that localized searches as well as long-tail keywords will become increasingly important to an auto dealership’s campaigns. Your search engine optimization strategy should take this trend into account in order to maximize search engine rankings and increase online exposure.

Improved Algorithms for Relevance, Distance and Prominence l SEO

If your online marketing strategy is based on buying reviews or comments, you may be wasting your money. Search engines are actively improving algorithms that weed these factors out of the equation and that focus on products or services in the local area that are legitimately based on customer satisfaction and relevance. With this in mind, it may make sense to focus on improving your customer satisfaction rating strategically rather than inflating your image artificially.

Continued Popularity of Videos – 2020

Live TV has been falling out of grace for years as consumers transition to online videos, and this is expected to continue. Many consumers would also rather watch videos to get information rather than to read reviews, blogs and more. However, SEO is essential when posting videos in order to improve their visibility with search engine results. For example, the video’s headline and description should be written around well-chosen keywords.Importance of Dwell Time and Click-Through Rates

Search engine algorithms take into account how many people click on your link and how long people spend on the page. This information is increasingly used by search engines to determine relevancy. Therefore, ensuring that your landing pages provide truly useful information and are well-designed with user-friendliness in mind are essential components of an online marketing campaign for your auto dealership.


Relevance of a Mobile Interface

Among consumers who are searching for local content online, 88 percent will use a smartphone. Google uses a mobile index rating to determine how user-friendly and relevant your mobile interface is. This is separate from other algorithms and metrics used for the desktop platforms. To benefit from superior mobile rankings, your mobile interface must be well-designed and feature useful information related to searches. This information should be easy to see because many users will not scour a website to find the information that they are looking for. Instead, they may quickly click off of a website in search of a website that offers the information readily.


New Engagement Metrics

Google is now taking into account how engaged consumers are with your business or website. For example, Google may analyze how many users look for your business’s location using Google Maps. It may also analyze how many users have saved your business’s phone number in their smartphone’s contact list. Metrics are also pulled from Gmail, Google Assistant, Chrome and other sources to gauge engagement.


User-Centric Content

Online content should be designed around a comprehensive SEO strategy, but it also should be written with users in mind. Content must help readers in some way, but it should not be overly salesy. Consumers are often inclined to block out information that has a strong sales-oriented slant. Instead, they frequently look for content that is delivered in an unbiased way. Keep in mind that longer content is often filled with more useful information to the consumer. In addition, longer content may increase dwell time. When longer, relevant articles or content is posted regularly, Google may reward your website with a higher ranking.


Keeping up with the changing trends in search engine optimization and online marketing is time-consuming and confusing at times. However, this is an area where your auto dealership must excel in order to thrive. Customer Scout provides effective search engine optimization services that are specifically customized to meet the unique needs of car dealerships. To learn more about our services, contact Customer Scout today.

Trends in Local SEO Factors for 2019

Trends in Local SEO Factors 2019

Trends in Local SEO Factors in 2019

If local SEO plays a major role in your company’s marketing plan, you are in good company. Local search engine optimization provides you with the incredible opportunities to boost search engine rankings within a local geographic area and to make your business more easily found as a result. As is the case with general SEO, the local variant seems to have ever-changing rules and guidelines. If you are updating your marketing plan and are trying to maximize the benefits of local search engine optimization, it makes sense to look at the most important trends in this area.

Google My Business Signals in 2019

By paying attention to the developments in Google My Business, you may be aware that several new features have been added that promote localized SEO efforts. For example, you can add a question and answer segment and utilize customer reviews to refine your business listing and to promote relevance related to specific keyword queries. Keep in mind that there is no cost associated with updating your Google My Business profile, so this should be included in any local SEO marketing campaign.

Online Review Signals l Digital Marketing Trends 

As you explore hot trends in local SEO strategies, you cannot overlook the importance of online consumer reviews. Reviews are among the leading SEO factors that top search engines use to determine relevance as well as the quality of the company. Because online reviews are supposed to be independent comments from knowledgeable third-parties, it makes sense that search engines would rely heavily on them to determine relevance. As you consider how to take advantage of the trend related to reviews in your online marketing campaign, keep in mind that you can ask satisfied customers to write a review. However, you cannot pay them for reviews, and you also cannot make a mass solicitation for them.

Website-Specific Signals in 2019

You may be aware that content on your website impacts local SEO results as well. At one time, on-site text was more important, but trends indicate that this is changing. While on-site text is still important and should be optimized with geo-specific keywords, the links embedded in your website are increasingly important. The number and quality of inbound links is also important. For the best results, they should come from an industry leader, a recognizable trade association or another reputable source.

Citation Signals
While some SEO factors are well-known, the importance of citations is usually overlooked. In fact, to achieve a top spot in localized search queries, the use of citations is almost effective. Understand that it is not the number of citations on your website. Instead, you may gain a lot of ground by simply having a few citations from highly-recognizable and reputable websites. Many local websites use citations, so your lack of their use could be a huge detriment.

Behavioral Signals
When you explore trends in local SEO, behavioral signals related to consumer behavior on your website is critical. One reason why this trend is increasingly prevalent in search engines is because it generally cannot be manipulated by the company to artificially boost ratings. These signals include the click-through rate, check-ins on social media sites and more. Because of this, it is imperative that your business website is well-designed, easy to understand and appealing to the eye. If your analytics indicate that most visitors leave the website after visiting a specific page, close analysis to uncover why is important.

Personalization and Social Signals
For several years, the relevance of social signals in local search engine optimization results has been obvious, and this is one of the trends that carries over from previous years. These signals are often derived from social media accounts for the business, so you can see that these signals are easy to manipulate. Search engines are generally moving away from aspects that can be manipulated by businesses and relying more heavily on SEO factors that may be more accurate and unbiased.

As you explore trends in local SEO, you may understandably feel overwhelmed by all of the changes. The reality is that local search engine optimization is like many other aspects of online marketing. The rules are constantly changing. This makes it challenging for business owners like you to keep tabs with the changes and to know how to apply those changes beneficially. Customer Scout is an online marketing expert that specifically serves auto dealerships like yours. We keep tabs on changes that impact car dealerships, and we know exactly how to adjust your online marketing efforts to maximize the benefits of changes. Reach out to Customer Scout today for more information about our services to improve your digital marketing efforts in 2019!

Automotive SEO Success for Charlotte Dealers

Customer Scout Automotive SEO leader

Automotive SEO Success for Charlotte Dealers

Customer Scout can help Charlotte Dealers with Digital Marketing Efforts 

Are you looking for ways to improve your marketing campaigns? Customer Scout is here to help you with all of your digital marketing efforts. Using SEO, also known as search engine optimization, allows your customers to easily locate your online content. We are the Automotive SEO company that you can count on to improve your digital marketing campaign as needed throughout the new year and beyond. Serving Charlotte, North Carolina.

For more information on Automative SEO Success for Charlotte Dealers contact Customer Scout 

4 Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Description

Optimize Your GMB Google My Business Description

4 Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Description

4 Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Description

Google My Business, or GMB, has experienced numerous changes recently, such as the introduction of videos, booking features and more. One of the more beneficial changes that many business owners are excited about is the re-introduction of business descriptions to the listings. Previously, a GMB listing only included a basic list of relevant information, such as your address, hours of operation and contact information. However, you can now optimize a listing by creating a detailed yet condensed description of your business as well as products and services. Because this can be such an effective tool, you should follow a strategic approach when developing an excellent Google My Business description for your business’s listing.

1. Understand the Rules and Requirements – GMB listing description

Before you spend a lot of time crafting the perfect GMB listing description, you should understand the specific rules and requirements that Google has established. Your description must not be longer than 750 characters. It should not contain HTML or include a URL. This description ideally will include information about what a customer can expect from your business, such as products and services available, general pricing details and more. Because you can update the Google My Business description as needed, you can also include promotion details.

2. Choose Your Keywords Carefully – GMB listing description

As you might expect, keywords matter. Rather than stuff your content with keywords, choose one or two thoughtful and carefully researched keywords. These can be long-tail keywords. To optimize your description, incorporate these keywords naturally into your text. Remember that the keywords that you may want to target can change over time. You may need to review and update this description periodically as a result.3. Include Contact Information

While you cannot include a direct URL in the listing, you can include contact information, such as a phone number or street address. Keep in mind that some contact information will be listed directly below the description that you write. Therefore, you may even add a short description about how to find your business, such as if your business is located across the street from a well-known venue.4. Place Important, Relevant Content at the Top

Only the first few lines of your Google My Business description will be immediately visible. All other content that you include will be visible after the user clicks a link to continue reading the content. Because not all users will take this additional step, include the most relevant information at the top of your description so that it can easily be viewed.

Tips to Write an Effective GMB Listing Description

Your listing’s description can be optimized effectively when you walk through each step described. However, the content also needs to be engaging and even sales-oriented. It should appeal directly to your target audience with language that is relevant to your brand. As is the case for all other content about your company online, descriptions on listings help to shape your brand’s image and reputation. There are a few approaches to take when writing a listing description for Google My Business. After researching and selecting keywords, one approach is to brainstorm content that needs to be included. Prioritize the content in terms of relevancy and importance so that you can determine a preferred order. Consider creating several different descriptions. Ask co-workers and employees for feedback so that you can select the top description. An alternative is to provide others in your office with the description guidelines and to ask each person to submit their suggestion for the listing description.The description that you create and post on your listing for Google My Business is not a task to rush through. This description directly impacts SEO results, how easily your target audience finds your website, your brand image and more. It should be written as much for search engines as it is written for your customers’ benefit. Customer Scout specializes in automotive SEO services, and this includes listings services for GMB. We can optimize an exceptional description for your listing, and we can continuously monitor keywords to focus on so that thoughtful updates can be made going forward. To request a consultation and to learn more about our SEO and online marketing services, contact Customer Scout today.

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

Online marketing is essential for the success of car dealerships like yours, and in fact, it is increasingly vital. Automotive consumers generally explore different makes and models online before deciding which vehicles to test drive. Likewise, they may use online research to determine which dealerships to visit and even how much they should pay for their next vehicle. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical element to a successful online marketing campaign for today’s dealerships. However, automotive SEO is constantly evolving. Even if you love current marketing results, you must regularly update and improve your strategy and efforts. Your dealership’s marketing campaign needs to be at the forefront of change so that your company is a true leader rather than a follower who is lagging behind. With this in mind, you may be wondering what search engine optimization changes are in store for 2019.

Changes to Types of Searches in 2019 – SEO

The way users conduct searches has evolved dramatically over the years, and the next change in this area may be through voice recognition searches. Voice commands have been available on smartphones for years, but the technology is increasingly being used by consumers. In addition, voice recognition is now available in new vehicles, through home devices like Alexa products and more. To adapt to this change, you need to consider how targeted keywords may be adjusted based on differences between typed and verbal queries.

The Impact of Amazon in 2019

When you look at changes in automotive SEO in 2019 going forward, understand that Amazon may play a critical role. Google continues to be the top search engine, but the majority of product-related searches now are completed through Amazon. Right now, Amazon does not currently link to specific makes and models, but it can connect shoppers to accessories, parts and even vehicle-related merchandise like t-shirts and hats. As the new year unfolds, the impact of Amazon on automotive SEO should be monitored so that you can quickly adjust to changes in this year as needed.

AI Used for Keyword Research – 2019 SEO Automotive Trend

Artificial intelligence technology is rapidly evolving, and it may play a role in search engine optimization marketing within the next few years. Consider that search engines could begin connecting users’ demographic details and searches with relevant details on your own website for rankings. This means that you may need to have a clear idea of who your target audience is in relation to their other non-automotive searches. Non-automotive factors may become more relevant in onsite and off-site content, and you will need to incorporate some of these ideas into your content.

Intuition and Interpretive Meaning l SEO Impact Automotive

A similar concept may be search engines that interpret your meaning and that provide intuitive results. For example, a search for “safest cars in 2019” may yield information about safety test results, safety features, child safety seats, highway accident statistics and more. Essentially, rather than taking searches for face value, search engines may analyze a user’s search history and other Internet usage to interpret your true meaning and to provide the user with relevant and helpful information.

What This Means for Your Auto Dealership – SEO

With so many potential changes that could affect your online marketing campaign in the near future, you must keep tabs on each of these and other potential developments. More than that, you must know how to properly maximize the benefits of these developments if the time comes to do so. Some of these potential trends have the ability to cause major upheaval to many dealerships’ marketing plans, so adjustments may be essential. Many dealerships may not be aware of these significant pending changes or how to properly use them strategically and advantageously. This means that your dealership could be positioned to benefit dramatically if you are prepared to make rapid, thoughtful changes.

You can see that car dealerships must stay ahead of these SEO trends in the new year in order to continue to maximize the benefits from an online marketing campaign. These are anticipated trends that may or may not come to fruition in 2019 or at all. Because online marketing strategies as well as search engine algorithms rapidly change and evolve, it is important to have a skilled online marketing firm in your corner. Customer Scout specializes in SEO and online marketing services specifically for car dealerships. Rest assured that our experienced marketing team is keeping tabs on industry changes and will know precisely how to reposition your marketing campaign quickly when the time comes to do so. If you are interested in improving your existing campaign or preparing for what the new year holds, now is the perfect time to request a consultation with the online marketing team at Customer Scout.

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook and Automotive Social Media NEWS

Facebook has recently had a significant update in the way in which they permit users to vote on whether or not they like a business. Consequently, the social network is presently releasing a new feature for the local business pages that are located on their site. Moreover, you should be aware that this new system happens to be a Yes/No mechanism for the social network’s recommendations.

Hence, you ought to be cognizant that this new voting system is thought to be an eventual replacement for the previous star rating mechanism. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that there are also other updates that are supposed to be coming to the social networking platform. Therefore, you ought to consider that a new feature that is coming to the social networking platform is a function that is referred to by the moniker: “Rich Endorsements.”

Hence, you should be aware that this new “Rich Endorsements” feature will enable users to add photos and text to their endorsements. Additionally, at the present moment in time, this functionality is only working for coffee shops and restaurants. On the other hand, this new feature will also change the way that users leave endorsements for businesses.
Furthermore, you ought to be cognizant that this endorsement process will help users by suggesting tags that a user should choose when they leave an endorsement for a company. Moreover, you should keep in mind that this functionality is going to be very similar to the features that are presently offered by Google. Hence, you ought to consider the fact that Google, with its My Business attributes, is currently offering a group of different features that are very similar to what Facebook is presently rolling out.

NEW from Facebook – Reviews to Recommendations

Additionally, the effects of these changes also demonstrate the significant importance of the optimization of the business pages that are listed on the social network. As an illustration: You ought to be sure that your business page is correctly set up because it will help you to attract more prospects for your business. On the other hand, if you do not make sure that your business pages are designed to take advantage of the new functions that are coming out on the social network, then this lack of action may end up penalizing your ranking on the social network.

Indeed, if the redesign of your business page is not adequately carried out judiciously and with a healthy respect of the correct optimization strategies, your business may lose any gains that were won previously by taking advantage of the manner in which the user voting process used to work. Furthermore, if the social network’s system entirely moves from having the five-star rating system to a yes or no rating system, then this will cause many different changes to the rating system. Remember, if users are forced to say yes or no, when they used to be able to have five different star ratings to choose from, then it is more likely that negative reviews will have a stronger influence on the ranking of a business on the social network’s pages.

Therefore, you should be aware that companies will have to work extra hard to make sure that all of their reviews are positive. Users who may have given a company a three-star review previously may now end up giving a company a “No” rating. Hence, you ought to be cognizant that is far more important than ever before that you have a suitably qualified business like Customer Scout to help you to manage your social media presence.

Remember, Customer Scout has the training and the expert staff that you need to be able to mitigate any damage to your business rating on Facebook. Furthermore, users will have to ability to rate a different user’s review if they do not feel that the report is not impartial. Moreover, this functionality has been implemented because it will help the reviews to be more reliable.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the rating of business will be more vital than ever before as a result of all these different changes that are taking place with regards to the business rating system. Additionally, reputation management companies across the planet will be forced to deal with these new additions to the recommendations on the social network.