Why Car Dealers NEED Automotive SEO

Why Car Dealers NEED Automotive SEO
Why Car Dealers NEED Automotive SEO

Car dealer increase sales opportunities via SEO 

Car dealers have traditionally relied on energetic and engaging spokespeople on TV or radio spots, exciting newspaper ads that encouraged auto buyers to take advantage of huge savings and other similar efforts. While these marketing efforts may still be partially effective with some niche target audiences, the reality is that consumers are overwhelmingly using the Internet to research makes and models online before making a purchase. Regardless of the level of your marketing budget, you understandably need to maximize the benefit of each marketing dollar that you spend. Customer Scout offers award winning services in the area of digital marketing, and our efforts are specifically focused on helping car dealers increase leads and sales numbers through online marketing efforts.

Why Car Dealers Need to Use Local SEO Practices

SEO, or search engine optimization, has been a marketing buzz word for years, but many car dealerships have not taken substantial steps to improve their on and off site marketing efforts so that they strategically take advantage of the benefits that this type of marketing strategy can provide. Today’s consumers are savvy, and they have information about your vehicles, your dealership and the competition available at their fingertips. For example, if they want to determine which dealership has the best sticker price for a Dodge Ram 1500, a quick Internet search on their smartphone will give them the answer that they seek. Today’s car buyers no longer need to physically stop by your dealership to get the information that they need to make a buying decision.

Because so much of the sales process today takes place long before a potential buyer walks into your dealership, you need use the Internet as the truly effective sales tool that it can be. When your customers search for information about a specific model that you offer, will your dealership’s content be included in the top few search engine results? More than that, if your customers search for vehicles with great safety ratings, that have a third row of seating or that have other features, where will your online content rank in the results? The bottom line is that you need to have a strong online presence and make full use of automotive search engine optimization strategies if you want to remain competitive in the marketplace. With a closer look at how our award winning services for local SEO can set your dealership apart from the competition, you may be ready to update your entire marketing strategy.

How Our Localized Autotmotive (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Strategies Work

At Customer Scout, our skilled marketing team focuses solely on automotive SEO. We understand who your buyers are, what motivates them and how to get them to act in a desired way because we only offer marketing services for the automotive industry. More than that, we know how to use local SEO efforts on and off site to produce results. One strategy that we use is geo fencing. Geo fencing is a special type of localized dealer targeting strategy that reaches out to consumers who are within a certain distance around your dealership. Through geo fencing, you can rest assured that your localized customers are hearing your marketing messages.


This is only one of our many award winning services that we offer for automotive SEO. For example, we use both on and off site approaches to generate powerful results for our valued clients. With a targeted and comprehensive campaign, we will use SEO strategies with social media marketing, blog posts, online content on your dealer website and more. Remember that it is not enough to simply use automotive SEO to blast out keywords and phrases into cyberspace. All of the content on your website and in off-site locations should be informative and beneficial to your potential customers in some way, and we understand all of the strategies and techniques necessary to help you enjoy increased leads from online traffic.

Sell Customers on Your Cars and Your Dealership l Automotive SEO Marketing

Some dealerships that attempt to complete an SEO campaign on their own spend too much time and effort trying to sell the benefits of their models to potential customers. However, while this may help to convince some shoppers to buy a specific model that you offer, it does little to encourage them to buy a car from your dealership or even from stopping in to take a test drive. There may be multiple dealerships in your area, and some customers use the Internet to shop online for the best price. Some even order a car online without visiting a dealership at all.In order to create effective online marketing, an emphasis on content that focuses as much on dealer targeting as it does on vehicles is necessary. Dealers must use carefully crafted content that sells the cars and the dealership at the same time. This includes content on social media platforms, off-site locations and the dealership’s own website.

One Dealer One Market One Brand

Before you reach out to us for assistance with your localized search engine optimization efforts, such as dealer targeting and geo-focused marketing, you understandably want to ensure that you will have a competitive edge over other dealerships by using our services. We follow the philosophy of One Dealer One Market One Brand. With our One Dealer One Market One Brand approach, you can rest assured that our services will be exclusively offered only to your dealership in your local market.At Customer Scout, our highly-experienced marketing professionals understand how important digital marketing is for the automotive industry. More than that, we understand who your customers are, what they want and how they use the Internet throughout the sales process. If you are not using digital marketing effectively, you could be missing out on the opportunity to take your sales numbers to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how our digital marketing services and how our exclusivity promise can benefit your dealership.

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Automotive SEO l Auto Search Engine Optimization

Automotive SEO

Automotive SEO l Auto Search Engine Optimization

What is Automotive SEO and Auto Search Engine Optimization?

Want to increase online sales to your auto dealership? Customer Scout Automotive SEO and Auto Search Engine Optimization can help you get on the Road To Success! Watch the short video and contact Customer Scout for Award Winning Auto SEO and proven Search Engine Optimization results you can count on time and time again.

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Automotive SEO Company

Automotive SEO Company

Automotive SEO Company

Award Winning Automotive SEO Company

Join the road to success with Customer Scout, Award Winning Automotive SEO Company! See how you can increase online sales and drive market share to your website the professional way. For proven automotive SEO results contact the industry experts to target the key local search demographics needed to win. Customer Scout, your number one Automotive SEO Company.

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Automotive SEO – SEO for Car Dealers

Customer Scout, INC. Automotive SEO

Automotive SEO for Car Dealers

Customer Scout, INC. Automotive SEO

Most business professionals today have heard about search engine optimization, and many have a working knowledge of what this term means. However, as an automotive industry professional, you may be wondering how important and relevant it is for your business. With a limited amount of funds available in your marketing budget, your goal is to use your available resources in a focused way that will drive your target audience to your website as well as to your dealership. While there are several different options available for marketing, investing in automotive SEO services through Customer Scout is an investment that can give you the results you want on your budget. In fact, an effective search engine optimization campaign can help you to maximize your marketing budget to give you incredible results and to increase your market share.  Proven Automotive Dealer SEO services for dealers in Phoenix, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Tampa Bay, San Diego and across the United States.

Defining Who Your Target Audience Is – Customer Scout Automotive SEO

Before you spend time analyzing the pros and cons of auto SEO and determining if this is how you want to spend your marketing resources, it is important to determine who your target audience is. Based on the types of vehicles sold on your auto dealership lot, you may be focused on middle-aged customers with families, young working professionals or some other unique demographic. However, your target audience should be refined further to realize the best results for your marketing efforts. In reality, the customers who you want to spend the majority of your resources on are those who are actively researching new vehicles to purchase. They may have not yet decided to purchase your specific makes and models, but they are using the Internet to make a comparison of different models and to finalize a decision. Customer Scout offers automotive SEO services that can help you get your message out to your target audience before they make this important decision.

Auto Dealer Website SEO – Ford, KIA, Chevy, BMW, Hyundai, Honda and more

While each car buyer is unique, the majority of those in the market to purchase a new vehicle are actively using the Internet to research various factors such as safety ratings, reliability and value. Some may be looking for an SUV with a third row of seating, and others may be looking for a work truck with a large payload. They may not be using the Internet to search for a specific make and model, so a search engine optimization campaign that is focused on keywords related only to your make and models is not entirely effective. Modern and effective auto SEO campaigns must be used positively highlight the benefits of your makes and models in comparison to your competitors. After all, they may never choose to visit your dealership if they are not interested in purchasing one of your vehicles.

How Automotive SEO Services Increase Customers – Customer Scout INC

When your target audience searches for vehicles with specific features, the safest vehicle in a class or something else specific, they want to read articles and view highlights of various vehicles that may meet their needs. An effective automotive marketing campaign online must therefore create keyword-enriched pieces that positively highlight your vehicles’ benefits and strengths. This is something that your salespeople may have done in person many years ago, but most consumers today will make a buying decision well before they visit a car dealership’s lot. Because of this, you need to create sales-oriented yet educational and informative pieces to sell your vehicles. Customer Scout will create these pieces and place them in strategic locations so that they rank highly when specific terms are searched.

How to Sell Your Dealership

Your dealership like is not the only one in your market that sells your make of vehicles. This means that selling your models online to your target audience is not the only goal that must be accomplished with an effective campaign. In addition to highlighting your models’ strengths and selling your vehicles to your target audience, you also must sell your dealership. Automotive SEO therefore also must position your dealership in a positive light with a unique proposition. Consider what makes your automotive dealership different and better than others in your market. This may be award-winning customer service, a desire to always offer the best price, having the most models to choose from on your lot or something else entirely. These are strengths that will be highlighted in an effective campaign, and these pieces will be linked to your website.  Award Winning Dealer SEO services for dealers in Phoenix, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Tampa Bay, San Diego and across the United States.

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Car buyers today may formalize the majority of their buying decision through online research, and this includes which vehicle they are most interested in buying and which dealership they are interested in making their purchase from. The sale is not finalized, but it is firmed up online. With an effective automotive SEO campaign, your target audience will be driven to your website and to your lot with considerable interest in the vehicles that you are selling and already convinced that your dealership is the best one to work with. This can facilitate an easier sales process and ultimately boost your bottom line. You can contact Customer Scout for more information about how auto SEO services can be used to more effectively expand the reach of your marketing.

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