Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020  HTML view Note

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020

Your automotive dealership relies heavily on online marketing to drive sales and to define its brand image. Simply creating online content is not an effective way to get the recognition that your auto business needs today. Content must be written specifically with effective SEO strategies in mind. This is a constantly changing landscape, so it is important to look forward in order to see what trends will influence your online marketing efforts in the coming year.

The Increased Prevalence of Snippets – SEO

According to Google, almost 55 percent of clicks from search engine results are driven by snippets. These are short answers to common questions. Google determines which snippets it will show based on a website’s relevance and authority, so your automotive business’s ability to have this coveted position can pay dividends.

Voice-Based Searches – 2020 SEO Factors

Approximately half of all search engine queries will be voice-based within the next year. This means that localized searches as well as long-tail keywords will become increasingly important to an auto dealership’s campaigns. Your search engine optimization strategy should take this trend into account in order to maximize search engine rankings and increase online exposure.

Improved Algorithms for Relevance, Distance and Prominence l SEO

If your online marketing strategy is based on buying reviews or comments, you may be wasting your money. Search engines are actively improving algorithms that weed these factors out of the equation and that focus on products or services in the local area that are legitimately based on customer satisfaction and relevance. With this in mind, it may make sense to focus on improving your customer satisfaction rating strategically rather than inflating your image artificially.

Continued Popularity of Videos – 2020

Live TV has been falling out of grace for years as consumers transition to online videos, and this is expected to continue. Many consumers would also rather watch videos to get information rather than to read reviews, blogs and more. However, SEO is essential when posting videos in order to improve their visibility with search engine results. For example, the video’s headline and description should be written around well-chosen keywords.Importance of Dwell Time and Click-Through Rates

Search engine algorithms take into account how many people click on your link and how long people spend on the page. This information is increasingly used by search engines to determine relevancy. Therefore, ensuring that your landing pages provide truly useful information and are well-designed with user-friendliness in mind are essential components of an online marketing campaign for your auto dealership.


Relevance of a Mobile Interface

Among consumers who are searching for local content online, 88 percent will use a smartphone. Google uses a mobile index rating to determine how user-friendly and relevant your mobile interface is. This is separate from other algorithms and metrics used for the desktop platforms. To benefit from superior mobile rankings, your mobile interface must be well-designed and feature useful information related to searches. This information should be easy to see because many users will not scour a website to find the information that they are looking for. Instead, they may quickly click off of a website in search of a website that offers the information readily.


New Engagement Metrics

Google is now taking into account how engaged consumers are with your business or website. For example, Google may analyze how many users look for your business’s location using Google Maps. It may also analyze how many users have saved your business’s phone number in their smartphone’s contact list. Metrics are also pulled from Gmail, Google Assistant, Chrome and other sources to gauge engagement.


User-Centric Content

Online content should be designed around a comprehensive SEO strategy, but it also should be written with users in mind. Content must help readers in some way, but it should not be overly salesy. Consumers are often inclined to block out information that has a strong sales-oriented slant. Instead, they frequently look for content that is delivered in an unbiased way. Keep in mind that longer content is often filled with more useful information to the consumer. In addition, longer content may increase dwell time. When longer, relevant articles or content is posted regularly, Google may reward your website with a higher ranking.


Keeping up with the changing trends in search engine optimization and online marketing is time-consuming and confusing at times. However, this is an area where your auto dealership must excel in order to thrive. Customer Scout provides effective search engine optimization services that are specifically customized to meet the unique needs of car dealerships. To learn more about our services, contact Customer Scout today.

Apple is revamping Maps from the ground up

Apple is revamping Maps from the ground up

Apple is revamping Maps from the ground up

Apple is revamping Maps from the ground up

If you are new to the current developments in Apple, the tech giant had a rough launch of its Apple-Maps and the CEO apologized after the launch. Several holes needed patching together with improvements on transit directions, parking, business, and place data. Apple Maps is in development to offer a world-class service to its customers.

Improvements being done on Apple Maps

To rebuild the Apple-Maps, Apple is using first-party data that iPhone gathers using a policy-first methodology. The tech company is also using its cars that have cameras and sensors to revamp its mapping platform. The updated version of Apple Maps will be launched with the next iOS 12 beta in San Fransisco and the Bay Area, and by fall, it is going to cover the Northern parts of California.

For each version of the iOS, the mapps-tool will be updated, and there will be more features and improved responses to the changes in construction and roadways. The revamp of the awaited-maps will feature more visually appealing aspects like pools, foliage, pedestrian paths and more.

The tech company is conducting a full reset of its maps after four years of improving and using the data gathering systems. The company is looking to be self-reliant when it comes to navigation; the end of third-party-Maps is imminent.

After the first announcement about the Apple-maps six years ago, the company invested millions of dollars in making changes, adding locations, updating and changing the maps frequently.

The future of Apple Maps

Apple-Inc is looking to create the best maps-app in the world, that is what the company is developing. The company has taken the time to improve to the quality of the app, something that most users will agree upon.

The Apple-Maps are being built from the ground up to offer its users an exceptional app that has customer scout listings and more while aligning the mapps-tool with the user privacy it keeps as a priority. Apple-Inc made a huge bet years ago to start building from the ground up because the future of mobile has been growing and mapping is going to be central in nearly all aspects of the phones use.

Apple-Inc is looking to bet big on how its geo-maps is going to be updated. One of its primary objectives is providing accuracy. This means that the map-app will have to be updated faster; possibly in real time and more often. When there are new customer scout listings, they will be updated in real time.

The new map environment that Apple-Inc is developing will allow it to make changes to the maps-app faster. This effort brought about the development of the mappings own base-maps, which is the lowest building block in a mapping system. Apple is then to layer living location data, high-resolution satellite images and new high-resolution data of the images gathered from its fleet of cars.


Although the efforts of developing the Apple-maps started years ago, the first renewed efforts of rebuilding the mapping tool took place in 2015 when vans having the Apple-Maps sign on the side began cruising around cities. These vans have cameras and sensors, and they have sparked debates and discussions around different towns.

The vehicles are more advanced, making them look like autonomous vehicles. The vans have a GPS rig on the roof, eight cameras that are shooting overlapping images, and four LiDAR arrays located in the four corners of the van. There is an additional measuring tool that is attached to the rear of the car to measure the distance precisely.

There is no bulky equipment at the back of the van, just a MacBook Pro that is bolted at the floor of the van to store data on SSD storage. There is also a USB cable that is connected to the iPad on the dashboard of the car where the mapping-capture software runs.

The van has a driver who ensures that the route is well taken care of. The driver ensures that the coverage area that the van is assigned to has been adequately covered, and the images have been captured well. Thousands of images are captured in each drive. The data is then encrypted, and once the SSDs are full, they are replaced and placed in a case. Once the storage devices are taken to the Apple-data-center, a software eliminates private information like license plates, faces, and other details.

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Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook Moving to Recommendations

Facebook and Automotive Social Media NEWS

Facebook has recently had a significant update in the way in which they permit users to vote on whether or not they like a business. Consequently, the social network is presently releasing a new feature for the local business pages that are located on their site. Moreover, you should be aware that this new system happens to be a Yes/No mechanism for the social network’s recommendations.

Hence, you ought to be cognizant that this new voting system is thought to be an eventual replacement for the previous star rating mechanism. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that there are also other updates that are supposed to be coming to the social networking platform. Therefore, you ought to consider that a new feature that is coming to the social networking platform is a function that is referred to by the moniker: “Rich Endorsements.”

Hence, you should be aware that this new “Rich Endorsements” feature will enable users to add photos and text to their endorsements. Additionally, at the present moment in time, this functionality is only working for coffee shops and restaurants. On the other hand, this new feature will also change the way that users leave endorsements for businesses.
Furthermore, you ought to be cognizant that this endorsement process will help users by suggesting tags that a user should choose when they leave an endorsement for a company. Moreover, you should keep in mind that this functionality is going to be very similar to the features that are presently offered by Google. Hence, you ought to consider the fact that Google, with its My Business attributes, is currently offering a group of different features that are very similar to what Facebook is presently rolling out.

NEW from Facebook – Reviews to Recommendations

Additionally, the effects of these changes also demonstrate the significant importance of the optimization of the business pages that are listed on the social network. As an illustration: You ought to be sure that your business page is correctly set up because it will help you to attract more prospects for your business. On the other hand, if you do not make sure that your business pages are designed to take advantage of the new functions that are coming out on the social network, then this lack of action may end up penalizing your ranking on the social network.

Indeed, if the redesign of your business page is not adequately carried out judiciously and with a healthy respect of the correct optimization strategies, your business may lose any gains that were won previously by taking advantage of the manner in which the user voting process used to work. Furthermore, if the social network’s system entirely moves from having the five-star rating system to a yes or no rating system, then this will cause many different changes to the rating system. Remember, if users are forced to say yes or no, when they used to be able to have five different star ratings to choose from, then it is more likely that negative reviews will have a stronger influence on the ranking of a business on the social network’s pages.

Therefore, you should be aware that companies will have to work extra hard to make sure that all of their reviews are positive. Users who may have given a company a three-star review previously may now end up giving a company a “No” rating. Hence, you ought to be cognizant that is far more important than ever before that you have a suitably qualified business like Customer Scout to help you to manage your social media presence.

Remember, Customer Scout has the training and the expert staff that you need to be able to mitigate any damage to your business rating on Facebook. Furthermore, users will have to ability to rate a different user’s review if they do not feel that the report is not impartial. Moreover, this functionality has been implemented because it will help the reviews to be more reliable.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the rating of business will be more vital than ever before as a result of all these different changes that are taking place with regards to the business rating system. Additionally, reputation management companies across the planet will be forced to deal with these new additions to the recommendations on the social network.

Google Speed Update effect Slow Dealer Websites

Google Speed Update effect Slow Automotive Websites

Google Speed Update effect Slow Dealer Websites

You may be aware that Google and other search engines use a wide range of analytics to determine search engine rankings. More than that, search engines periodically update their analytical methods and data points in order to improve user experience. Up until now, Google has not taken load speeds on mobile devices into account. However, a Google Speed Update that was announced in January 2018 is now being implemented, and this change may have a more significant impact on smaller and local business websites, such as car dealer websites.

Analyzing Your Business’s Mobile Load Time l Automotive Website Info

Google has provided businesses with a few resources that may be used to evaluate a website’s performance in this area. The first is the Chrome User Experience Report, which analyzes the user experience for those who use Chrome as their Internet browser. The second is Lighthouse, which is also Chrome-based. It provides you with an audit of your website’s accessibility, performance and other factors. The final resource that Google has provided is PageSpeed Insights. This tool goes a step further to help you determine the best ways for slow websites to optimize performance. If your business has already taken steps to improve the mobile user experience, there is a good chance that this Google update will have minimal or no significant impact on your rankings.

How to Improve Speed for Slow Automotive Websites l for Google Updates

After you use the above analytical tools and resources to determine if the Google Speed Update will be a detriment to your website’s search engine rankings, you may discover that you need to improve your website’s speed dramatically. You will need to identify your website’s specific challenges, and the resources that Google provided may help you to do this. After you understand the challenges that your specific website faces, you can make bold improvements. These are some of the primary steps that can be taken to improve load times for car dealer websites and other small business sites that may be most impacted by the Google update.

1. Focus on Images and Graphics

While a picture can speak a thousand words and videos may have an even more dramatic impact, images and graphics can dramatically reduce load times. Slow sites that are image-heavy may be able to reduce the image weight by utilizing a CMS plugin or a CSS tool to optimize them in various ways. These tools enable you to retain most or all of your existing images while improving load time.

2. Eliminate Redirects

Many pages have multiple redirects, which instruct the browser to transfer the user to a different URL. A redirect may seemingly only add a small amount of time to a page’s load time, but keep in mind that the speed of a redirect may be significantly slower on a mobile device. While a redirect is sometimes necessary, your goal should be to eliminate as many of them as possible. You may use Varvy’s Redirect Mapper to get a better understanding of your website’s redirects.

3. Improve Server Response Time

Another factor that comes into play with slow websites is server response time. Your website’s server takes time to respond to an inquiry and to load a page. Speed may be based on the quality and speed of your CPU and the amount of memory available. Websites that have a slow load time and that seemingly have minimal issues with heavy images or numerous redirects may be impacted by a slow server response time. Making an upgrade in this area may be beneficial

4. Focus on Above-the-Fold Content

Your website developer should program your website so that the server loads above-the-fold content on the page first. This is content that is visible on the screen as soon as the page loads without the user needing to scroll. Because the server is not loading the entire page at one time, the initial images should appear faster. Keep in mind that creating smaller pages may also be helpful.

5. Learn About Accelerated Mobile Pages

An Accelerated Mobile Page, or AMP, is a page that the search engine loads with a limited number of dynamic features and navigating links or tabs. Using AMP is ideal for some websites, but some businesses may not feel as though limited content using AMP will entice a user to take action or to click through the other pages.

Learn more on how to improve your Automotive websites speed to improve your Google success

You can see that there are numerous strategies that you can take to address the Google Speed Update head-on. The first step to take is to analyze your website and to determine if slow speed is problematic and what the cause of slow speed is in your situation.

Car Dealers need Google My Business Posts

SEO for Chevrolet Dealerships Chicago IL

Why Car Dealers need Google My Business Posts

why car auto dealers need google my business GMB posts - customer scout

Because car dealers are local businesses that serve a specific customer base within a relatively small geographic area, producing results from online marketing efforts can be challenging. After all, general Internet marketing efforts have a broad reach across the country and beyond. The last thing that you want is for your company to waste time and money marketing to the masses when you want to pinpoint your focus in the area where you do business. Local search engine optimization is one method that can be used effectively to achieve this goal, and Customer Scout SEO services for local car dealerships like yours include a focus on Google My Business, or GMB. Once you learn how GMB posts created by Customer Scout can work in your favor, you may be eager to get started.

What Is Google My Business? Info for Auto Dealers

Google My Business is a free service, and you can easily start taking advantage of it today. It incorporates the features of Google Maps, Google+ and Google Search in a way that essentially can be used as an online listing for your business. Your business likely already has a GMB listing, but you will need to create an account with Google so that you can edit the listing. By editing the listing, you can add your business hours, a link to your website and other information that may be essential in order to maximize the benefits of this service.

How Google My Business Posts Can Help Your Local Car Dealership

While the listing for GMB is free, it does take time, effort and the right strategy in order to maximize the benefits that this service offers. This is where Customer Scout SEO services come into the picture. For example, you can monitor and analyze the performance of the listing and even use AdWords to expand your reach. Recently, Google has added the option to include customized content to your GMB listing. Google My Business posts are created by you, and they are shown directly under the primary information in your GMB listing. These posts essentially serve the same function as short blogs, and they can have up to 300 words each. When car dealers use them effectively, they can add value to their visitors’ experience by including tips, advice and more in these messages. They can illustrate great features on new models, announce promotions and more as well. While the content in your posts is essential for appealing to your audience and encouraging them to click the link to your primary business website, the content can also be used in another beneficial way. Just as you can incorporate keywords and phrases in a standard blog for search engine optimization benefits, the same holds true for GMB posts.

Getting Results from Customer Scout SEO Services

As beneficial as customized GMB content can be for car dealers like you, the unfortunate reality is that many local businesses are not taking full advantage of what they offer. For example, some businesses are not using the GMB posts service at all, and this means that there is a wasted opportunity that could be resulting in lower sales numbers. Many businesses that are taking time to create new posts for this service on a regular basis are not fully taking advantage of the opportunity to boost search engine optimization efforts. One of the many services that Customer Scout offers to car dealerships like yours is search engine optimization service for the GMB content. This is content that your local customers will read and that could potentially drive them directly to your website, so the content must be thoughtful, beneficial to your customers and well-written. More than that, it should be written with SEO in mind. Customer Scout maximizes the benefits of this Google option by creating new content regularly that is optimized as well as beneficial and interesting to your customers.

Customer Scout provides exceptional search engine optimization services to car dealerships across the country. Local search engine optimization is one of the leading ways to drive customers in your market to your website. If you are ready to learn more about how we use Google My Business posts and many other online marketing techniques to boost your website’s traffic in a targeted way, contact us today.

Anonymous reviews removed on Google My Business

Google removes Anonymous reviews from Google My Business

Google removes Anonymous reviews from Google My Business

Google removes Anonymous reviews from Google My Business

Car dealers will enjoy losing “fake” old reviews that do not have a name on them

Google removes Anonymous reviews from Google My Business

As Google continues to work and sift through fake and real reviews, auto dealers can see old reviews, the ones at the end of their list with just a fake or non name and star reviews now removed.  Now, some dealers make not like having 5 star reviews removed but the key point from Google’s point of view is that the bogus reviews are wiped clean.  Many dealers and vendors have worked at removing a review with eg MOTORGUY 1 star.

To find out more about Google reviews and google listings contact Customer Scout


How Instagrams IGTV can benefit Car Dealers

Instagram's new IGTV can benefit Car Dealers

Instagram’s new IGTV can benefit Car Dealers

Instagram's new IGTV can benefit Car Dealers

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a short video segment on Instagram can seemingly tell a full story in a brief period of time. This image-based social media platform introduced short video capabilities to its platform approximately five years ago. While popular among private users, these very short videos posed a challenge for commercial users. Car dealers, for example, may have found it difficult to tout the many features and benefits of their models in a segment that lasted less than a minute. However, the social media platform has officially unveiled a new feature that is designed to provide commercial users with advanced benefits, and this feature is known as IGTV.

What Is Instagram IGTV?

Through this new feature, a user can view 60 minute videos from the individuals or companies that the user follows. Unlike with other popular video-based viewing platforms currently online, these videos begin playing immediately with no additional interaction required by the user. In fact, users do not even need to search for the content. The videos take up the full screen in vertical format for enhanced viewing. Because this social media platform is known for its do-it-yourself approach to videos and for the creativity of its users to capture images and videos, there is not necessarily a need to create polished, commercialized videos to get your point across.

How Can Car Dealers Benefit From Longer Instagram Videos?

Now that you understand what IGTV is, you may be wondering how you can maximize its functionality in an advantageous way. You car dealership’s marketing efforts with this platform may have previously been limited because of the briefness of the videos in the past. Now, however, you can use these videos to capture testimonials from your satisfied customers. Another idea is to use the 60 minute videos to demonstrate special new features in different models or to explore differences in trim levels. Through these longer videos, you will not be constrained by a tight time limit. Because these videos do not necessarily need to be commercial-grade or at least to look commercial-grade, you may be able to save money on production costs in comparison to other video-based platforms.

Why Does Your Car Dealership Need to Take Action on Instagram IGTV?

The automotive sales industry is highly competitive. Online marketing, including social media marketing, is increasingly important for car dealers that want to stay at the forefront of their customers’ minds. Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms, and it now uniquely gives your dealership a fast and easy way to reach your audience using customized videos. Your competitors are constantly updating their marketing plan to gain an edge over you. In order to remain competitive, you must take action when a great opportunity presents itself.

To learn more about how Instagrams marketing platform can benefit your dealership, contact us today.

How Google My Business Videos help Auto Dealers

Google Video Customer Scout
Google Video Customer Scout

Today’s car dealerships are actively taking advantage of the Internet to reach their local target audience and to draw traffic to their website. Because many automotive leads are now generated through the Internet, taking full advantage of every online marketing opportunity available is essential to your success. One of the newer vehicles available to auto dealers like you is Google My Business videos. Google My Business is a free service that combines the benefits of Google+, Google Maps and Google Search together in one, and it is an effective way for local businesses to get noticed through desktop and mobile devices alike. Most recently, Google has enabled businesses to add videos to this content. Customer Scout SEO services are available to help you maximize the benefits of this Google marketing option and all of your other online marketing efforts.

Understanding the Incredible Benefits of Google My Business l Video

When your target audience in the local area searches for the products or services that you offer, you understandably want them to see a link to your business. Google My Business gives your business a detailed listing that includes your business address, hours of operation, a link to your website and more. You are able to edit and customize this information as desired. The addition of posting capabilities has further enhanced the benefits of Google My Business listings. These posts can be up to 300 words in length, and the content ideally will be search engine optimized. The posts can also include images that you select. Most recently, Google has enabled the ability to further enhance the posts with videos. Google My Business is a cost-effective and easy way to reach local consumers, and the addition of posts with video content takes the benefits to the next level.

Exploring the Essential Benefits Offered by GMB Videos

When you think about how the typical user conducts online searches, you will see that text content is important. However, images instantly grab a user’s attention. Users may immediately decide whether or not to spend their valuable time reading the text based on how appealing the image is. GMB videos take this to the next level. They combine the visual appeal of photos with audio, such as music and oral communication. Users may view this being more convenient than reading text, and they may be more likely to click the link to watch the video. In addition, they may be able to absorb more of your message by watching it rather than by quickly skimming over the text that has been written in the post.

Taking Advantage of Customer Scout’s Effective Services

As beneficial as Google My Business videos can be for auto dealers, the benefits are not being maximized in many cases. For example, when your listing and website receive more traffic, Google perceives your business to be more relevant to its users. Your website’s ranking will organically improve. One of the reasons why Google My Business videos are not being effectively used by auto dealers is that businesses perceive them as being difficult and time-consuming to make. Some businesses believe that it may take more time and money to produce a quality video than the benefits of the video are worth. One of the services offered through Customer Scout SEO services is the production of engaging GMB videos. These can be posted on your GMB listing along with engaging text. Remember that updating the text, images and videos periodically is essential for generating excellent results.

If your car dealership is not producing the marketing results that are desired or if you are eager to take those results to the next level, now is a great time to learn more about what Customer Scout SEO can do for you. Through our services, customized content can be created for the posts that is engaging for your customers and that encourages them to visit your website. This content will be search engine optimized with strategically selected keywords. Analytics will be monitored for future improvements to the results. These posts will then be enhanced with eye-catching images and informative, interesting video content.