Dealer SEO Best Practices

Dealer SEO Best Practices

Best practices in search engine optimization have evolved dramatically over the years, and they continue to update at a rapid pace. Changes in technology, search engine algorithms and even the automotive industry in general are contributing factors that drive SEO evolution. Such changes require you to regularly improve your dealership’s SEO campaign by taking into account current strategies and methodologies. These are among the leading dealer SEO best practices that should guide your current efforts.

Create Quality Content l SEO Best Practices

Search engine algorithms are increasingly advanced. Top search engines actively scour content to determine if it is relevant to a user’s query. The sophistication of these algorithms enables search engines to identify keyword stuffing, which will detrimentally impact search engine ranking. On the other hand, quality content that is relevant to the user’s query will receive a preferential ranking. In addition, backlinks and other factors promote relevancy and rankings. Because of these factors, creating quality content should be a focal point of an SEO campaign for your car dealership.



Choose Relevant and Related Keywords l Automotive SEO

Optimized content typically has one or several highly-targeted keywords as well as several relevant or related keywords that are incorporated less frequently into the content. While these are words that ideally are less targeted by the competition, they also are words that your target audience actually may search for. More than that, the content should be closely related to those targeted keywords. Dealer SEO best practices include careful research to select superior keywords and the incorporation of those words into naturally into relevant content.

Focus on Mobile Users

Increasingly, users are searching for information about car dealerships, models and other relevant information on their mobile devices. As important as it is to choose geo-specific keywords, you should understand when to use long-tail and short-tail keywords. Your Google My Business profile should have your accurate address on it in order to appeal to users who are geographically located close to your dealership. These mobile users may be more likely to drop by based on the results of a query. In addition, content should be optimized with mobile users in mind. Mobile SEO best practices also include using a mobile-optimized URL.

Improve Your Blog

Best practices for dealer SEO would not be complete without focusing on maintaining relevant, timely content. Utilizing social media marketing with dealer SEO techniques in mind is an excellent way to improve the relevancy of your website and to boost rankings, but you should not underestimate the power of a well-designed and customer-centric blog. Your blog provides you with an excellent platform to update online content by focusing on a different set of keywords or reinforcing your focus on critical keywords. Your blog’s content increases the relevancy of your website for specific topics and keywords as well. Links to your content may be placed within your own off-site content. You may also benefit from backlinks to other relevant content to improve rankings.

Customer Scout actively monitors changes to all relevant factors impacting dealer SEO. Our SEO experts understand how to quickly and effectively adjust our clients’ online marketing efforts to take into account updates to search engine algorithms, competitors’ marketing efforts and numerous other relevant factors. If you are struggling to achieve the SEO results that your business needs to remain competitive and profitable, reach out to Customer Scout today. We are ready to tell you about our effective services that are specifically available for auto dealerships like yours.

Ranked 1 in Dealer Satisfaction Customer Scout SEO wins award

Driving Sales Top Rated SEO 2018 Customer Scout


Ranked #1 in Dealer Satisfaction, Customer Scout Automotive SEO wins award in SEO Category

Denver, Colorado – January 25, 2019 – Customer Scout / Automotive SEO has received

A “Top Rated” SEO Award in the ninth annual DrivingSales.

Dealer Satisfaction Awards, presented at a special event in conjunction with the 2019 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo. Customer Scout Automotive SEO received a top dealer satisfaction ranking in the SEO category, as determined by the thousands of auto dealers who are part of the community.

“It is an honor to receive this prestigious award from, which is the largest automotive social network in the world. Without our Dealers, DrivingSales, and the efforts of our stellar employees this award would not have been possible. From all of us at Customer Scout Inc., we sincerely thank our Dealers and DrivingSales for this award.” ~ Sean Szymanski, CEO, Customer Scout, INC.

Customer Scout SEO generates stellar results for our customers consistently because we take a comprehensive approach to developing each customer’s marketing campaign. This includes the successful and strategic use of local SEO strategies, geo fencing, content writing, business listings and other advanced techniques. Rather than develop a campaign and see how well it performs, we regularly review and analyze data so that we can make intelligent revisions. In this way, we are able to improve or maintain excellent results for our clients.

“We congratulate Customer Scout, on receiving a ‘Top Rated’ SEO Award, an accolade we consider to be one of our industry’s most important because it comes directly from dealers,” said DrivingSales CEO and Founder Jared Hamilton. “In our ninth year of presenting these awards, we feel especially proud that DrivingSales Vendor Ratings continues to help dealers make smart and informed decisions through thousands of peer reviews that lead them to outstanding service providers such as Customer Scout Automotive SEO. We’re thrilled Customer Scout SEO has been recognized as one of the best by the people to whom their services count the most: the dealer community.”

The DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards measure dealer satisfaction with vendor products and services, and are based on cumulative ratings tallied and verified over the calendar year (January – December) at Vendor Ratings DrivingSales Vendor Ratings is the industry’s only neutral, comprehensive vendor rating forum featuring real-time peer reviews and honest competitor comparisons, and provides dealerships with important information from actual customers who have hands-on experience using vendor products / solutions in their stores. Each rating is verified as coming from an actual dealership employee.

Full award results are available online at Award winners are showcased in the 2019 Spring issue of the DrivingSales Dealership Vendor BuyersGuide which, in addition to being distributed at the 2019
NADA Convention and Expo, is delivered to every new car dealership nationwide, as well as to the top 100 used car dealerships. For more information on
The DrivingSales Dealership Vendor Buyers Guide, please visit:

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DrivingSales is a professional network serving the auto industry with dealer-driven news and information, online training, and performance data, all to enable dealers to make critical business decisions at their dealerships. DrivingSales’ mission is to connect progressive dealership professionals to the people and information they need to maximize their success. Founded by a third-generation car dealer, and opened up to the industry in 2008, today DrivingSales has registered users in over 50% of new car dealerships in the US and is active in several other countries around the globe.

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While our auto dealership clients understandably want to achieve a high ranking with top search engines, the primary goal is to drive targeted traffic to your website. You need leads to enter your sales funnel through your marketing efforts. We are the automotive SEO company that has achieved proven results in this area on a consistent basis. Reading some of the many glowing customer reviews online about our company is one way to learn about our successes, and we are happy to provide you with accurate statistics about our services when you contact Customer Scout for a consultation.

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

The Future of Automotive SEO in 2019

Online marketing is essential for the success of car dealerships like yours, and in fact, it is increasingly vital. Automotive consumers generally explore different makes and models online before deciding which vehicles to test drive. Likewise, they may use online research to determine which dealerships to visit and even how much they should pay for their next vehicle. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical element to a successful online marketing campaign for today’s dealerships. However, automotive SEO is constantly evolving. Even if you love current marketing results, you must regularly update and improve your strategy and efforts. Your dealership’s marketing campaign needs to be at the forefront of change so that your company is a true leader rather than a follower who is lagging behind. With this in mind, you may be wondering what search engine optimization changes are in store for 2019.

Changes to Types of Searches in 2019 – SEO

The way users conduct searches has evolved dramatically over the years, and the next change in this area may be through voice recognition searches. Voice commands have been available on smartphones for years, but the technology is increasingly being used by consumers. In addition, voice recognition is now available in new vehicles, through home devices like Alexa products and more. To adapt to this change, you need to consider how targeted keywords may be adjusted based on differences between typed and verbal queries.

The Impact of Amazon in 2019

When you look at changes in automotive SEO in 2019 going forward, understand that Amazon may play a critical role. Google continues to be the top search engine, but the majority of product-related searches now are completed through Amazon. Right now, Amazon does not currently link to specific makes and models, but it can connect shoppers to accessories, parts and even vehicle-related merchandise like t-shirts and hats. As the new year unfolds, the impact of Amazon on automotive SEO should be monitored so that you can quickly adjust to changes in this year as needed.

AI Used for Keyword Research – 2019 SEO Automotive Trend

Artificial intelligence technology is rapidly evolving, and it may play a role in search engine optimization marketing within the next few years. Consider that search engines could begin connecting users’ demographic details and searches with relevant details on your own website for rankings. This means that you may need to have a clear idea of who your target audience is in relation to their other non-automotive searches. Non-automotive factors may become more relevant in onsite and off-site content, and you will need to incorporate some of these ideas into your content.

Intuition and Interpretive Meaning l SEO Impact Automotive

A similar concept may be search engines that interpret your meaning and that provide intuitive results. For example, a search for “safest cars in 2019” may yield information about safety test results, safety features, child safety seats, highway accident statistics and more. Essentially, rather than taking searches for face value, search engines may analyze a user’s search history and other Internet usage to interpret your true meaning and to provide the user with relevant and helpful information.

What This Means for Your Auto Dealership – SEO

With so many potential changes that could affect your online marketing campaign in the near future, you must keep tabs on each of these and other potential developments. More than that, you must know how to properly maximize the benefits of these developments if the time comes to do so. Some of these potential trends have the ability to cause major upheaval to many dealerships’ marketing plans, so adjustments may be essential. Many dealerships may not be aware of these significant pending changes or how to properly use them strategically and advantageously. This means that your dealership could be positioned to benefit dramatically if you are prepared to make rapid, thoughtful changes.

You can see that car dealerships must stay ahead of these SEO trends in the new year in order to continue to maximize the benefits from an online marketing campaign. These are anticipated trends that may or may not come to fruition in 2019 or at all. Because online marketing strategies as well as search engine algorithms rapidly change and evolve, it is important to have a skilled online marketing firm in your corner. Customer Scout specializes in SEO and online marketing services specifically for car dealerships. Rest assured that our experienced marketing team is keeping tabs on industry changes and will know precisely how to reposition your marketing campaign quickly when the time comes to do so. If you are interested in improving your existing campaign or preparing for what the new year holds, now is the perfect time to request a consultation with the online marketing team at Customer Scout.