How will Google BERT change automotive marketing

Google BERT and Automotive Marketing - Customer Scout

How will Google BERT change automotive search results

Google BERT and Automotive Marketing - Customer Scout

Google announced BERT—Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. BERT is a change to the manner in which Google processes user search queries, and in the following, Customer Scout will look at how this new approach affects car dealers and other local businesses.

What the Automotive industry needs to know about BERT?

Google BERT is an artificial intelligence that seeks to understand the relationships between the elements a search query comprises. In other words, Google aims to provide better results from search queries phrased in more natural language. Google deems it to be the biggest leap forward in the history of the search engine and estimates that will affect at least 10 percent of the queries it processes.

What Is Google’s Goal With BERT?

Conversational search queries have become more prevalent as more people use voice searches through various smart devices. A text search query might look something like “car dealers San Jose,” but the person speaking to his or her Google Home is more inclined to ask something like “which car dealers near me sell certified pre-owned vehicles.” But even natural language is sometimes broken in nature, which means that Google BERT must be able to make presumptions based on context. Concepts and context are integral to what BERT does, which is put less onus on the user to create a perfect query.

What Is the Impact for Auto dealerships?

At this point, it is not possible for Customer Scout or anyone else to say with any certainty what the impact will be on local business—or online businesses for that matter. BERT will certainly be in effect for searches that return local pack results, but it is at this point unclear if SEO strategy changes are needed.

How Will BERT Affect Local Auto Dealership Rankings?

This is perhaps the more interesting question. It will certainly affect tracked local rankings. But how so? One manner in which an immediate impact has been felt is ranking based on short-tail keywords. The effect on long-tail keywords has not been so immediate, but that likely reflects how professionals use SEO ranking tools. The affects on natural language will become more apparent over time.

Consider it this way. If you already have useful content that is rich with the appropriate keywords, that cream will already be rising to the top more often. But there will be long-term benefits to BERT as well, and the impressions, click-throughs and backlinks should not only increase but be more organic in nature as we move forward. This will certainly affect your complete search profile in a positive way and, in doing so, eventually improve your tracked local rankings as well.

Of course, there is the possibility that your competitors experience traffic that is more organic but you do not. In that case, it is possible that your rankings drop. The different should not be significant, but every bit is valuable, and thus, your focus turns to optimizing existing and future content to rank better.

Is It Possible to Optimize for BERT?

Optimize content specifically to score well with Google BERT and thus improve your tracked local rankings. The reason for this is that optimizing for tightly manicured search terms is simple but optimizing for natural questions is much more complex.  You can just do what has always been effective when it comes to search engine optimization: create compelling content. Contact Customer Scout to increase your SEO and digital marketing effort.

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020  HTML view Note

Upcoming Automotive SEO Trends in 2020

Your automotive dealership relies heavily on online marketing to drive sales and to define its brand image. Simply creating online content is not an effective way to get the recognition that your auto business needs today. Content must be written specifically with effective SEO strategies in mind. This is a constantly changing landscape, so it is important to look forward in order to see what trends will influence your online marketing efforts in the coming year.

The Increased Prevalence of Snippets – SEO

According to Google, almost 55 percent of clicks from search engine results are driven by snippets. These are short answers to common questions. Google determines which snippets it will show based on a website’s relevance and authority, so your automotive business’s ability to have this coveted position can pay dividends.

Voice-Based Searches – 2020 SEO Factors

Approximately half of all search engine queries will be voice-based within the next year. This means that localized searches as well as long-tail keywords will become increasingly important to an auto dealership’s campaigns. Your search engine optimization strategy should take this trend into account in order to maximize search engine rankings and increase online exposure.

Improved Algorithms for Relevance, Distance and Prominence l SEO

If your online marketing strategy is based on buying reviews or comments, you may be wasting your money. Search engines are actively improving algorithms that weed these factors out of the equation and that focus on products or services in the local area that are legitimately based on customer satisfaction and relevance. With this in mind, it may make sense to focus on improving your customer satisfaction rating strategically rather than inflating your image artificially.

Continued Popularity of Videos – 2020

Live TV has been falling out of grace for years as consumers transition to online videos, and this is expected to continue. Many consumers would also rather watch videos to get information rather than to read reviews, blogs and more. However, SEO is essential when posting videos in order to improve their visibility with search engine results. For example, the video’s headline and description should be written around well-chosen keywords.Importance of Dwell Time and Click-Through Rates

Search engine algorithms take into account how many people click on your link and how long people spend on the page. This information is increasingly used by search engines to determine relevancy. Therefore, ensuring that your landing pages provide truly useful information and are well-designed with user-friendliness in mind are essential components of an online marketing campaign for your auto dealership.


Relevance of a Mobile Interface

Among consumers who are searching for local content online, 88 percent will use a smartphone. Google uses a mobile index rating to determine how user-friendly and relevant your mobile interface is. This is separate from other algorithms and metrics used for the desktop platforms. To benefit from superior mobile rankings, your mobile interface must be well-designed and feature useful information related to searches. This information should be easy to see because many users will not scour a website to find the information that they are looking for. Instead, they may quickly click off of a website in search of a website that offers the information readily.


New Engagement Metrics

Google is now taking into account how engaged consumers are with your business or website. For example, Google may analyze how many users look for your business’s location using Google Maps. It may also analyze how many users have saved your business’s phone number in their smartphone’s contact list. Metrics are also pulled from Gmail, Google Assistant, Chrome and other sources to gauge engagement.


User-Centric Content

Online content should be designed around a comprehensive SEO strategy, but it also should be written with users in mind. Content must help readers in some way, but it should not be overly salesy. Consumers are often inclined to block out information that has a strong sales-oriented slant. Instead, they frequently look for content that is delivered in an unbiased way. Keep in mind that longer content is often filled with more useful information to the consumer. In addition, longer content may increase dwell time. When longer, relevant articles or content is posted regularly, Google may reward your website with a higher ranking.


Keeping up with the changing trends in search engine optimization and online marketing is time-consuming and confusing at times. However, this is an area where your auto dealership must excel in order to thrive. Customer Scout provides effective search engine optimization services that are specifically customized to meet the unique needs of car dealerships. To learn more about our services, contact Customer Scout today.

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New Google My Business Features that will help Auto dealers

New Google My Business Features that will help Auto dealers

New Google My Business Features that will help Auto dealers

New Google My Business Features that will help Auto dealers

Auto dealerships must take advantage of every reasonable opportunity to connect with their target audience and to improve their visibility. With so many automotive customers researching models, comparing dealerships and more through the Internet, the importance of your dealership’s Google My Business listing cannot be overstated. Recently, Google My Business unveiled several new features that provide local businesses like yours with substantial benefits.

New Options to Manage Photos l Google My Business listing 

The photos associated with your Google My Business profile directly affect branding, so you understandably need to manage those photos well. Google My Business now provides you with thoughtful features to manage your profiles effectively. This begins with your new ability to select a profile cover photo. Previously, Google made the selection for you.

Another important photo management update is increased prominence of images containing the business’s logo. Google will automatically select images that include your dealership’s phone number, hours of operation and other core data. Selected images will be prominently placed in the upper-right portion of your profile.

The last photo management update that could benefit your auto dealership is increased prominence of photos that the business uploads. These images will also be loaded to the profile faster. Looking forward, you can expect the ability to add captions to your photos soon.

Use Welcome Offers l New Google My Business listing Tips

Many local businesses were excited by the Google My Business “Follow” feature that has been available for several months now. However, many users continue to read Google posts more frequently than they use the “Follow” feature. One way to make better use of the “Follow” feature is by promoting special offers for new followers. These offers may be dispatched automatically to new followers based on information saved in your associated Offers folder. By incentivizing the “Follow” feature, you may improve the results that you generate from Google My Business overall.

Promote Your Business’s Offline Material l Customer Scout

Your dealership’s ability to connect online reviews, social media posts and other content is critical, and Google My Business has made this easier to do. Through a new affiliated website, stickers, posters and other content is automatically created based on information already on your Google My Business profile. This saves you time and energy with cross-platform marketing while eliminating the need to have advanced design skills.

Extend Your Reach with SERP Updates l Digital Marketing for Auto Dealerships

Google My Business now generates “Local Favorites” for users. This is a list of the top 5 percent of business listings in a specific industry or category. If your auto dealership ranks in a coveted spot on this list, your profile will receive special badges. Many users look for badges, such as a “Google Guarantee” or a star-based review. You must work organically to obtain this honor, which makes it more meaningful for users and more challenging for auto dealerships to obtain.

Google My Business continues to evolve. In the process, it provides even more benefits to local businesses, such as your car dealership. You must stay informed about the updates so that you can be one of the first to maximize their benefits. At Customer Scout, our online marketing experts work diligently to ensure that our clients are at the forefront of innovative changes like these. Because we specialize in online marketing for auto dealerships, you can feel confident that we know how to apply these new features specifically for your business’s benefit.

Contact Customer Scout to market your dealership with Google My Business listings

Dealer SEO Best Practices

Dealer SEO Best Practices

Best practices in search engine optimization have evolved dramatically over the years, and they continue to update at a rapid pace. Changes in technology, search engine algorithms and even the automotive industry in general are contributing factors that drive SEO evolution. Such changes require you to regularly improve your dealership’s SEO campaign by taking into account current strategies and methodologies. These are among the leading dealer SEO best practices that should guide your current efforts.

Create Quality Content l SEO Best Practices

Search engine algorithms are increasingly advanced. Top search engines actively scour content to determine if it is relevant to a user’s query. The sophistication of these algorithms enables search engines to identify keyword stuffing, which will detrimentally impact search engine ranking. On the other hand, quality content that is relevant to the user’s query will receive a preferential ranking. In addition, backlinks and other factors promote relevancy and rankings. Because of these factors, creating quality content should be a focal point of an SEO campaign for your car dealership.



Choose Relevant and Related Keywords l Automotive SEO

Optimized content typically has one or several highly-targeted keywords as well as several relevant or related keywords that are incorporated less frequently into the content. While these are words that ideally are less targeted by the competition, they also are words that your target audience actually may search for. More than that, the content should be closely related to those targeted keywords. Dealer SEO best practices include careful research to select superior keywords and the incorporation of those words into naturally into relevant content.

Focus on Mobile Users

Increasingly, users are searching for information about car dealerships, models and other relevant information on their mobile devices. As important as it is to choose geo-specific keywords, you should understand when to use long-tail and short-tail keywords. Your Google My Business profile should have your accurate address on it in order to appeal to users who are geographically located close to your dealership. These mobile users may be more likely to drop by based on the results of a query. In addition, content should be optimized with mobile users in mind. Mobile SEO best practices also include using a mobile-optimized URL.

Improve Your Blog

Best practices for dealer SEO would not be complete without focusing on maintaining relevant, timely content. Utilizing social media marketing with dealer SEO techniques in mind is an excellent way to improve the relevancy of your website and to boost rankings, but you should not underestimate the power of a well-designed and customer-centric blog. Your blog provides you with an excellent platform to update online content by focusing on a different set of keywords or reinforcing your focus on critical keywords. Your blog’s content increases the relevancy of your website for specific topics and keywords as well. Links to your content may be placed within your own off-site content. You may also benefit from backlinks to other relevant content to improve rankings.

Customer Scout actively monitors changes to all relevant factors impacting dealer SEO. Our SEO experts understand how to quickly and effectively adjust our clients’ online marketing efforts to take into account updates to search engine algorithms, competitors’ marketing efforts and numerous other relevant factors. If you are struggling to achieve the SEO results that your business needs to remain competitive and profitable, reach out to Customer Scout today. We are ready to tell you about our effective services that are specifically available for auto dealerships like yours.

Automotive SEO Tips

Automotive SEO Tips

Automotive SEO Tips Customer Scout

Today’s automotive customers heavily use the Internet to research makes and models before making a buying decision. They likewise research automotive service centers, learn about a specific dealership’s reputation and take other specific steps before deciding which dealership to visit. Because so much of your customers’ preliminary decision-making processes is based on online research, your dealership must be highly visible to them. Auto dealership SEO is increasingly crucial to a successful marketing campaign. If you are struggling to generate superior results from search engine optimization campaigns, consider how these automotive SEO tips can help you to turn things around.

Choose Geo-Specific Keywords l Auto dealership Optimization
One of the reasons why some car dealerships fail to generate superior SEO results is because they are not using local SEO practices. Your customers are specifically looking for a specific type of vehicle or service in their area. Therefore, they will usually add a geo-specific word in their online query. One of the most important tips that you can follow for excellent automotive SEO results is to use multiple geo-specific keywords. Most dealerships serve more than one city. Your dealership may serve a major metropolitan area that is comprised of dozens of smaller and larger suburbs. An effective SEO campaign for a car dealership will target many of these specific areas.

Think Like a Customer – Digital SEO
As you explore automotive SEO tips, it is also important to put yourself in a customer’s shoes. Do your customers typically query a specific make and model immediately? As an alternative, do they initially begin by searching for specific features or qualities? These may include a safe family car, a luxury SUV with three rows of seating and more. Customers may compare your models against other seemingly similar models. Ensure that your online content covers all of these and other relevant topics. This content should be optimized with your selected geo-specific keywords.

Use Google My Business – Tips
Google My Business is an essential tool for automotive SEO, but you may not be using it properly. One of the most important first steps to take with Google My Business is to ensure that your address and all contact information listed is correct. You can then add photos, an optimized description about your dealership and other features to customize it and to drive traffic to your website and to your dealership.

Keep It Current – Automotive Marketing
An effective automotive SEO campaign involves more than selecting the right keywords and placing them on your website. Search engines look for relevancy as well as the age of the content. Static content on your website understandably will not update frequently, but you may have a blog and other features that can and should be updated regularly. In addition to keeping content on your website fresh, these are great ways to add relevant and meaningful content that is truly helpful to your customers.

Be an Authority l SEO Tips
Another important tip to follow for an effective local SEO campaign is to establish yourself as an authority. This involves branching out beyond your website and increasing your prevalence online and in your community. For example, when you maximize the use of social media marketing, you can drive traffic to your website, improve results from search engine optimization and be recognized as a true leader in your community.

Customer Scout SEO services are available to help you maximize your online marketing results. Following these and other tips can be challenging for dealerships, but these are essential to produce the results that you desire. When you use Customer Scout SEO services, you can focus your attention on running your business and serving your customers while we plan and execute a productive SEO marketing campaign.

Google My Business Tips for Auto Dealers

Google My Business Tips for Auto Dealers - Customer scout

Google My Business Tips for Auto Dealers

Your car dealership’s online presence is promoted and located through its Google My Business listing. This is a listing that enhances SEO, provides potential customers with easy access to photos and customer reviews and more. Google provides businesses with the ability to manage content on their listing, but this may be easier said than done in some instances. Recently, Google has taken bold steps to make it easier for local businesses like yours to maximize the benefits of Google My Business listings.

An Improved Community Platform | Google My Business

Through Google’s ongoing effort to improve its services, the Google My Business Community has transformed into the Google My Business Help Community. This is more than a name change. Google has enabled users to help other users through a revised platform. The revised platform has been created entirely by Google and is an integration of the previous help and community help support platforms. By taking advantage of all that the new platform offers, you may save time and avoid unnecessary stress as you work toward creating the most productive online listing possible.

How to Use the New Platform | GMB Car Dealer Listings

Many other users may have had similar questions and concerns as you currently have. Therefore, a good starting point is to use the search feature offered on the new Google My Business Help Community platform. The information you seek may be readily available to you through a search so that you can address your problem quickly and move on with your day. In addition to finding quick answers from other users, you may also gain strategic advice about how to navigate the support wizard. Consider that the support wizard asks a series of questions and routes your inquiry according to your answers. Through other users’ advice, you may learn how to answer these questions strategically to get the prompt assistance that you truly need.

Using the Support Community | Google Tips

Your auto dealership’s online success is heavily influenced by Google My Business, so you understandably cannot afford to have confusion or problems. After searching for a solution, you may still need help, and the perfect place to turn to is the support community. The community platform provides you with direct access to Product Experts and other users. You simply use the platform to connect with others about your problem. The community is home to numerous helpful individuals who are eager to assist you. Even the most frustrating or complex issues with your Google My Business listing could easily be resolved by reaching out to the support community.

Other Updates to the Google My Business Help Community

Several other notable updates are also available through the revised platform that could assist with your development and maintenance of a Google My Business Listing. For example, the new Trending Issues feature integrates threads related to a popular topic for enhanced visibility. Another exciting update is the improved mobile-friendly design of the entire platform. You can now obtain information and assistance through your mobile device as easily as you would from your laptop. A new rich text editor is now available that assists with formatting text, adding attachments and more.

Several updates have made it easier for you to locate information through the community help platform. For example, you can now subscribe to updates for specific threads that you created or are following. The powerful search and filter tools have been updated so that you can more easily find what you need. One filter includes a format preference, such as iOS, web or Android formats. You can even upvote the responses that you receive from your questions or searches to help other users.

Maximizing the benefit of your auto dealership’s Google My Business listing is essential. However, between crafting an SEO-rich company description, keeping up with Google’s periodic updates and more, it may seem time-consuming and confusing to attempt this on your own. At Customer Scout, we specialize in online marketing for auto dealerships like yours. We can manage your Google My Business listing effectively now and in the future as Google continues to update its features. To learn more about our services for car dealerships, contact us today.

How Google Assistant Works with your Car Dealership

How Google Assistant Works with your Car Dealership

How Google Assistant Phone Calls Work

Google is among the most prolific tech firms in the world, and its services have changed the way many people live in countless ways. Its services likewise affect the way your business operates and how your customers interact with you. One of the more innovative services available is through Google Assistant. Understanding what to expect from Google Assistant in your auto dealership’s daily operations and how to maximize the benefits it offers are essential.

How Google Assistant Works with your Car Dealership

Google has evolved past the point of being a popular search engine. It now provides interactive services to its users. Google Assistant specifically can be used by your customers to check your business location and operational hours. Customers can also contact your car dealership directly through Google Assistant, such as to make an appointment with the service or sales departments. Because Google Assistant is a convenience to your customers that is free to use, you may see more widespread use of this service going forward. Understand that Google Assistant makes it more convenient for your customers to reach you, so their use of this service-oriented technology works in your car dealership’s favor.

What to Do When Google Assistant Calls Your Dealership

When a customer asks Google Assistant to contact your auto dealership, an appointment may be scheduled through an online booking partner if you have set this up. Otherwise, Google Assistant will call your dealership directly. Through automated technology, an appointment will be requested per the customer’s specifications. Your staff member may identify legitimate Google Assistant calls from two phone numbers. While your staff member will be interacting with an automated system on a recorded call, Google Assistant uses advanced technology to make the interaction as natural as possible. In some cases, however, your auto dealership may be contacted by a live professional.

How Your Auto Dealership Can Maximize the Benefits
Because Google Assistant provides a direct service to your customers and may become increasingly prevalent, educating your staff members about its use is a beneficial starting point. However, you can opt out by adjusting the settings in your Google My Business profile. If the service remains enabled, ensure that all information listed in your profile is accurate, including your business name, address, phone number and hours of operation. Google Assistant is programmed to only contact your business during operational hours.

To remain successful and competitive going forward, your car dealership must embrace technology and maximize its use intelligently. With the anticipation that Google Assistant will increase in popularity, now is the time to update your Google My Business profile and educate your staff about its use.