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Customer Scout SEO Process

Customer Scout SEO process

Customer Scout Automotive Digital Marketing Solutions

The setup time is three weeks from the contract date.

Initial Data Collection Meeting

  1. Dealership website analysis to determine the websites current strengths and weaknesses
  2. Identify target geographies, and high traffic keyword trends in conjunction with model focus
  3. Dealer selection of target model and geography focus for model library websites
  4. Obtain access to dealership website provider (i.e. Cobalt, Dealer.com, Clickmotive, Dealeron etc.), Google Plus Page, Facebook (If not currently managed) and other dealer websites.

Build out of Dealer Brand Model Library Websites and initial phase of onsite SEO structure

  1. Domains Secured
  2. Establish hosting of newly acquired domains
  3. Build out of model specific library websites
  4. Content construction of model library websites including first post
  5. Submittal of completed model library websites to Google and other search engines for indexing
  6. Begin phase I of search engine optimization strategy (Navigation structure, page meta data structure, on-page html content structure to incorporate geographical focus)
  7. Press Release account creation and first release of published content
  8. Slideshare account creation and first upload of published content
  9. Data feeds and Syndication links configured

Launch Meeting approximately three weeks from contract date

  1. Presentation of all new model specific library websites with first placement success on Google and other search engines
  2. Presentation of Phase I SEO Strategy including any newly created pages
  3. Presentation of Press Release account and first Press and Google Placement of first Press
  4. Presentation of SlideShare Account and first upload and Google Placement of first upload
  5. Discussion for upcoming dealership activities, OEM Campaigns and Phase II of SEO Strategy

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