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Today’s car dealerships can no longer rely on old-school marketing methods to drive sales. Customers are increasingly plugged in, and reaching out to customers via print, television and radio efforts is not producing desired results. Automotive dealerships must communicate with customers on their level. Digital marketing is highly effective for most businesses in a wide range of industries. After all, online marketing efforts have a broad reach across the country and even around the globe. Dealerships, however, only need to target customers in a specific location. At Customer Scout, we offer award winning local SEO marketing services for auto dealerships like yours, and we have the proven ability to take your marketing results to the next level.

The Importance of Local Automotive SEO for Car Dealerships

Search engine optimization is not a new concept, and your dealership may already be using some basic SEO principles to generate moderate results from your online marketing efforts. When you compare your search engine rankings to the competition or when you look at your sales numbers, you may realize that something needs to be done to improve in this area. Car dealerships uniquely must find exceptional keywords to target that are specific to the industry and that are used by their customers in search queries. More than that, you need your digital marketing efforts to be geo-specific. After all, you do not need or want to spin your wheels with unnecessary marketing efforts that drive customers hundreds of miles away to your website. Instead, you want to target your efforts so that your local customers see your message and take desired results. Our marketing team uses multiple highly-effective strategies that will help to improve dealership’s online visibility and ultimately to drive targeted, local traffic to your website.

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The Benefits of Geo Fencing l Automotive Digital Marketing

There is more involved in generating exceptional online marketing results than simply selecting a few SEO keywords and stuffing them into your website’s text. Geo fencing is a specialized form of technology that uses the GPS location of users to deliver customized messages and responses to their queries. This customized content is optimized to boost search engine rankings based on relevancy. This requires careful and regular analysis of changing data. This innovative technology puts the information that your customers are searching for about your dealership or about your models into their hands immediately when they demand it through an online search.

The SEO Boost from Business Listings and Citations

At Customer Scout, our online marketing efforts go far beyond geo fencing to provide you with truly exceptional results. You may be well aware of the importance of having your website rank in the top spot on search engine queries related to vehicle purchases and related automotive services in your area, but you may struggle to reach that top spot or to stay there. Search engine analytics change regularly, and the efforts that your competition takes to boost their own rankings also changes. Effective automotive SEO requires exceptional and focused research on keywords as well as on customers’ efforts. More than that, the website itself must be optimized using meta tags, headers and more. We know how to get your website to the top spot that you need for maximum profitability, and we also know what it takes to keep your website in that premium spot.

The Results from Focused Content Writing

If you have read some of the online content that your competition has written and compared it against your own, you may realize that the content that you thought was fresh and intriguing is actually stale and unimpressive. The reality is that many dealerships use the same adjectives and phrasing to talk about their vehicles and services, and this lack of originality can hurt your marketing efforts. Your online content needs to inspire readers to take action and reach out to your dealership, and it also will make a statement about your brand. You need your content to be fresh, original and focused on the unique qualities that set your dealership apart from the competition. It must accomplish all of this while also effectively using automotive SEO, and these are digital marketing avenues that we excel in.

The Science of Blog Posts

Blogging is an excellent way to keep the content on your website fresh and relevant. This can be SEO content that offers true value to your customers. Some dealerships believe that simply creating blog posts and using search engine optimization strategies will boost online ratings. However, there are eight unique elements that must be addressed in each blog post in order for top search engines to identify and rank your post in search engine results.

What to Expect From Us l Customer Scout Award Winning SEO

As you can see, there is more involved in creating, executing and improving an online marketing campaign than selecting keywords and placing them in your content. Your various efforts must be targeted to your location, and your content must be customized to meet the needs of the customer. When you contact our experienced team for assistance with your online marketing efforts, you can expect us to take time researching your local marketing and learning more about the competition. We will develop an effective campaign that is based on sound marketing principles while incorporating innovative digital efforts. Once we produce the results that you desire, you can also expect us to keep your website at the top of the rankings. More than that, once we are working for you, we will work exclusively with your dealership and will not counter our efforts by working with another dealership in your market.

Each day that your website is not in the top spot for relevant local searches is another day when your dealership may be missing out on sales opportunities. If you are ready to learn more about our award winning automotive SEO services, contact Customer Scout today.

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