Auto Dealer Business Listings

Business Listings and Citations l Local SEO and Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealer Business Listings

If your auto dealer business listings aren’t getting enough traction, it’s time to take action. Every day that your dealership doesn’t show up at the top of the search rankings it makes it possible for other dealerships to take your customers. Customer Scout knows what it takes to create effective business listings using Local SEO practices to bring your online marketing efforts to the next level. Many dealerships mistakenly believe that the auto manufacturer is all the advertising that they need.

Target Local Customers with Business Listings

Our Customer Scout Listings go beyond the typical website to help you target your specific area. It doesn’t matter if your website is getting thousands of views each week if your visitors can’t reasonably come down and visit you. There is a lot of incorrect information out there on the Internet and some of the advice you’ll get from other websites may even land you with citations from the major search engines. Long gone are the days of simply trying to get as many people to link to your site and using link farms to boost the inbound links to your website. In today’s market, you have to compete intelligently, use carefully targeted words and be willing to trust our company for your auto dealer business listings. We know what it takes to get your business showing in the local rankings, and that’s one of the single most important things you can do to boost your business.

Top Rankings Enhanced with Business Listings / Citations l Customer Scout, Inc.

The world of car buying is tough, and we know what it takes to help you get your business listings at the top of the search engines. We analyze your competition and use local SEO best practices to boost your online marketing efforts. Many people believe that if you simply place your website online, you’ll get traffic if the site is good enough. The truth is that it takes more than a good website to rank. You also need to understand what search engines are looking for. Our Customer Scout Listings are able to help you avoid the citations that will bring your ranking down and potentially get you blacklisted altogether. We specialize in auto dealer business listings and we have helped some of the most prominent dealerships bring in more sales.

Techniques for Bringing in Real Changes for Auto Dealers l Customer Scout LISTINGS

Most dealers simply place their business listings online and hope that they will somehow have the local SEO needed to excel in their online marketing. Your website needs to have the correct Meta tags and they must be coded correctly so that search engines can more easily determine the relevance of your content. Keyword-based content is critical to ensuring that your website is found using the most common spellings and misspellings to bring in searches by people who are in a hurry to find out more information. Our Customer Scout Listings always work to perform the optimal level of internal linking to avoid citations while still bringing plenty of recognition to your site. You’ll also get reports every month, which we use to refine and optimize your results.

The Importance of Business Listings / Citations for Auto Dealerships

It should be clear that most customers who come onto your lot already did their research online. Customers today know what car they want and they generally know how much the cars on your lot are worth. If you’ve ever done a search online, you know the poor quality of many of the search results. We understand why search engines are unable to always pull up the most relevant links and we use that to our advantage to ensure your dealership cuts through the noise and makes it to your customer’s monitor. We don’t just stop when you hit number one. We never stop working to bring customers who are not only interested in buying a car but who want to buy one as soon as possible to your dealership.

It’s time your dealership steps into the modern era. The brick and mortar dealership is no longer all that’s needed to sell cars. It’s only the final step in a long sales funnel that starts with your online presence. Get out there and start selling more cars by letting our company help your potential customers find you.

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