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About Customer Scout, Inc: Automotive SEO Marketing

About Customer Scout Automotive SEO

Customer Scout provides complete, local, and reliable digital marketing, website creation and hosting and reputation management to franchise automotive dealerships throughout the United States. Our digital marketing strategy is multifaceted and designed to provide dealers with dominate search engine placement for desired geographies and keywords through the creation of rich onsite and offsite content. The Customer Scout engine was developed to actively monitor digital presence to identify changes in search engine algorithms that could effect search engine placement so that a response in content focus or structure could be made to maintain high search engine relevancy.

Consumer Behavior Change Due to Improved Technology l Customer Scout SEO

Advances in technology in both desktop and mobile devices have completely changed the way that people search for information. iphone and Droid devices have revolutionized information exchange and set a new expectation of consumer interaction.  The brick and mortar dealership is no longer the modern dealerships first chance at making a positive first impression. Today’s consumers have developed an opinion of a given dealership long before their actual visit to the store through visits to the dealership digital storefront, their website.  Therefore the focus now has to be on influencing the consumer to develop a stellar digital perception of the dealership prior to the actual visit to the store. Customer Scout has developed and continues to perfect many search engine optimization and marketing strategies to ensure that the dealership achieves multiple page one placements on Google and other search engines. The Customer Scout strategy details the key areas to make this possible today, however, it continues to change as consumer behavior and technology advances.

One dealer one brand seo

The Ultimate Objective for Auto Dealers l Customer Scout SEO

Our ultimate objective is to increase dealer revenue success by employing a custom multifaceted content driven digital marketing strategy that leverages the strengths of every profit center of the dealership.


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